When it’s time to replace the flooring in your office, there are usually two predominate choices of either wood flooring, or the more common preference is traditional carpet. However, in more recent times, carpet tiles in particular have become an increasingly popular choice for offices and with good reason.

This article provides a useful comparison between traditional carpet and carpet tiles:

What is the difference between carpet and carpet tiles?

The main difference between traditional carpet and carpet tiles is the way that they are constructed. For example, commercial carpet covers a room completely, while carpet tiles are broken up into smaller tile segments, usually measuring around 18 inches. However, the end result when installed looks similar.

Why buy traditional carpet?

·         The seams of carpet tiles are slightly more visible than wall to wall carpet which means fitting them is a job best left for the professionals. Any tiles that are stuck down slightly out of line can be highly noticeable.

·         Carpet tiles are less durable than wall to wall roll traditional carpet and with age, carpet tiles can tend to pull around the edges. This can create a slightly uneven appearance, whereas carpet rolls ensure the area appears smoother and neater.

·         Traditional carpet commonly comes with a good quality underlay, whereas most carpet tiles are best placed straight onto harder flooring, such as concrete and cement.

So what are the benefits of carpet tiles?:

Carpet tiles are great, especially in regards to commercial uses, such as in an office. They wear well and are easy to maintain and what’s more is that they can be used to modernise and freshen your existing carpet too.

·         Greater options when it comes to looks:
Because carpet tiles are individual tiles, you can easily design creative looks. For example, you can create a design that incorporates many different colours and patterns like the example below. With a large carpet however, you are limited to shades and patterns.


  • Easier to repair if damaged:
    If traditional carpet becomes damaged through a water leak or a spill of some sort, there is only one way to rectify the situation, mainly complete replacement. However, when you are using carpet tiles, you can replace just the tiles that are damaged, which is much more cost effective than replacing an entire room of carpet.
  • Easier to transport:
    If you are transporting the carpet, you will find carpet tiles much easier to transport due to the fact that you can haul carpet tiles in virtually any vehicle, while carpet rolls require a very large vehicle for transport.
  • Fits awkwardly sized rooms:
    When rooms are peculiar in size, it can be difficult to carpet. Thankfully, since tiles can be placed in a variety of patterns, carpeting an oddly shaped room is made a bit easier.

Overall, both carpet and carpet tiles are a great choice for any office environment. They equally offer great sound and temperature insulation, ensuring the area is warm and both provide a cost effective choice for floor covering.