If you’re looking to move home – you might have had the idea to build your own house instead of buying an existing one. It’s a huge decision, but it could be the right one for you. While building your own home can be stressful – it could give you that dream property that you simply can’t buy otherwise – but is it always the best choice? In this article, we’re going to look at some of the factors that could help you make the final decision whether to simply move or build your own house.

How much time do you have?

If you need to move urgently or need a property straight away, self-building probably isn’t for you. Not only is the process stressful, it’s also lengthy. It could take upward of a couple of years. So if time really is important – there might be other options. And remember, you still need somewhere to live while the build takes place, and this has other cost implications.

Do you have experience building?

While you probably won’t be actually building your own home, you might need some experience managing the process. You could hire a project manager, but this can be expensive. You need to work out of you can afford to take the time off work to manage some of the project and if you’re actually experienced enough to do it. While some people simply learn as they go, this doesn’t always work that well.

What are planning laws like where you live?

If you live somewhere with very strict planning laws, it might be more difficult to get permission to build the home you want to build.

What can you afford?

If you want a particular home but can’t afford to buy an existing one, it might be cheaper to get it built as yourself. While you could end up making a profit on the final home, you’ll need more money to cover overspend and it might be harder to get a mortgage in advance. These are all things you need to consider.

Is what you want available in your area?

If you simply can’t get the home you want in your area – you might need to build it. Is this possible? Will you get planning permission for it? Can you afford it? These are all important considerations.

What are land costs like?

Another huge factor for your self build is land cost. Can you afford to buy building land in your area? Is the right sort of land actually available? These could help make your decision for you.

Are there good architects and builders in your area?

You’ll need both a good architect and a good building contractor to build the home you want, so make sure some are available and that you can afford them. Otherwise, buying an existing home might be the best option.

How willing are you to compromise?

When you move into an existing home, you’ll probably have to compromise on a few things. If you build a home to your exact specifications, you might be able to avoid these compromises – but don’t assume everything will be exactly as you want it.

It’s good to do it yourself but if you don’t want stress, there are plenty of custom prefab homes to choose from.