In the Orient, people have held the belief that the flow of energy in a space is affected by the placement of objects within that space. No doubt you have heard talk of Feng Shui and its use in interior design. Feng Shui can be used to increase the flow of positive energy inside any home or work environment. Whether you choose to follow Feng Shui or just want a clutter free room, there are helpful guidelines you can follow.


People using Feng Shui is to create a better flow of energy will position the bed in an area where both sides can be accessed easily. The head of your bed should ideally be placed so you have a clear line of sight to the door without being directly in line with it. Dressers, end tables, chairs and vanities can be useful items in a bedroom. These pieces of furniture should be placed against the surrounding walls so they are easy to access, but do not obstruct the flow of traffic in the room. 

Practitioners of Feng Shui do not place the head of their bed underneath windows because they believe energy can be transferred the window. For practical purposes, you should place the head of your bed against a wall area rather than under a window because the headboard will obstruct the light and view the window provides.

The best way to keep a bedroom neat and orderly is to avoid placing certain items inside it. Your bedroom is a place where you can relax at the end of your day. Avoid adding excess furniture such as desks or bookcases where clutter can build up. You should have a different area to use as a home work space or exercise room. Exercise equipment placed in the bedroom often becomes a catch-all for discarded clothing.

Investing in some storage containers can significantly reduce the amount of clutter that accumulates in your bedroom. There are several covered storage containers which can easily fit underneath standard bed frames. There are also a number of closet organizers you can use to keep your closet neat and orderly. These products include shoe racks, stackable shelves and drawers as well as rods designed to create lower areas for hanging shirts and pants.

Even with repositioning your furniture and organizing your clutter you might find your bedroom lacking in pizazz. You can easily enhance the room by giving the walls a new coat of paint. If you have patterned bedding, you can easily match the wall color to one of the colors used in the pattern. This not only gives the room a new look, it also coordinates it with the bedding so it looks professionally designed.

Some inexpensive tricks you can use to bring new life to your old bedroom include adding new light fixtures and new hardware on doors and drawers. If you do not mind spending a little more money you can purchase plaster moldings to use as trim along the areas where the walls meet the ceiling. Less expensive items available to use for trim include wallpaper borders and vinyl appliques.

Other tips to improve the appearance of your bedroom include resurfacing your dressers and end tables and adding accent items such as throw pillows and area rugs. If your bedroom is small in size or seems unusually dark, you can add mirrors to reflect the incoming light and create an illusion of having more space. A well designed bedroom, will be an enjoyable place for you to relax or sleep in.