Bamboo is a fast growing grass with straight hollow stem commonly seen in South Asia, East Asia, and South East Asia and the majority of it lies in China. The usage of bamboo is widely practiced conventionally in different nations for different purposes. Bamboo flooring is one of the ultimate usages which make the building construction much easier with its natural and eco-friendly flooring methods. 

Bamboo Tree

The light blond color of the bamboo gives the feeling of living in the lap of nature and you can take the credit of living in a natural abode. Let us take a look at the benefit you enjoy of bamboo flooring.

1)      Eco-friendly

Various flooring materials are available but bamboo flooring is the safest and finest material you can rely on due to its low formaldehyde emissions. Aside from this, you can enjoy the classic and traditional style of flooring.

Although bamboo seems to be flexible due to the cylindrical hollow stem, it is much stronger than the other hardwood trees such oak or maple and the various flooring such solid oak flooring, maple flooring, carpet flooring etc. However, the hardness of the material rather depends upon the regions where it grew, the species and the chemical treatment.

Bamboo Floor

Bamboo is better spill resistant than the hardwood trees. This makes it an ideal flooring material for especially kitchen and bathroom.  

Bamboo floor

This tropical grass is highly durable regardless of rough climatic situations and the high level of atmospheric moisture contents. Still, the durability is subject to the type of species of bamboo, age (5-6 years to reach its maturity), mechanical processing and compression undergone.

Bamboo is a highly versatile material which is currently turning into a dominant flooring material. It is preferred to take into account the factors deciding the quality and reliability of the product such as the company from where the bamboo flooring materials are purchased, the excessive amount of chemical treatment and adhesives they use etc.