Are you a little bored of your plain old bathroom design? Would you like to make changes that will help to jazz it up a little? Then you’ve come to the right place. Throughout the course of this post, we will highlight some of the best ways you can improve your design without breaking the bank. Not only will our suggestions guarantee your bathroom looks as stylish as possible, but they will also assist in making it more functional. At the end of the day, the colours and ranges you select should come down to your personal preference. The points we’re about to make are simply there to give you some inspiration.

Add a heated towel rail

Heated towel rails are the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to improve the functionality of their bathroom. While you probably have a radiator in the space now, those products are much better. You can even get electric heated towel rails that don’t need to be plumbed into your system. They use an element to heat the water inside, and so you just need to wire them into the wall. You could save a lot of money by not having to call a plumber if you opted for one of those.

Swap your shower curtain for a glass surround

Glass shower surrounds look a lot better than curtains, and so you should invest in one as soon as possible. As you can see from the image we’ve attached to this post, a glass surround has a couple of benefits. It is more durable, and it will help to ensure your space looks bigger. Just make sure you don’t opt for the cheapest products because they are almost certainly going to be inferior. You need to spend a little more and get glass that is thick, and shatter resistant.

Buy luxury fittings

Bathroom fittings like taps are not as expensive as you might imagine. They are also a fantastic way of improving your space. To make the best savings, you’ll want to take a look at online auction websites from time to time. You’ll find lots of the most upmarket fittings available in these domains at massively reduced prices. Fitting them shouldn’t become too much of a problem, but there are instructional guides on the web if you need assistance. Just make sure you switch the water off at the mains before you start messing around. We shouldn’t have to tell you what might happen.

Tile the floor and walls

If you haven’t got tiles in your bathroom already, now is the time to get some. If you look at websites of specialist businesses that supply those products, you are certain to find something suitable. We would advise that it will make sense for you to opt for the largest tiles possible. They will look better, but they’re also much easier to stick to the walls. Choosing smaller tiles could mean it takes you a few days to complete the room. You could have it done in a few hours with larger ones.

Now you’ve got some awesome ideas of what you need to do to jazz up your bathroom, we think you should start work as soon as you can. All DIY and home products will experience a price rise during the summer months, and so now is the time to make your purchases.