LED lighting is a more modern lighting solution that could soon replace the majority of lights both in homes and public places. They use less energy than conventional bulbs. So they save you money on energy bills, and they’re better for the environment. LED lights also produce less glare than other bulbs. Switching to LED lights at home is quite simple and could completely change the way you run your home. You’ll save money, and you can change the way you light your home with different colour bulbs. Choose a warm yellow or orange light, or a cool white or blue one. LED bulbs can last years, so you won’t have to change them often. You can use them in lots of different ways in your home, including as strip lights in your kitchen or bathroom, or as spotlights.

Use LEDs Underneath Furniture and Fixtures

Bring some light to specific aspects of the room by lighting them from below. You could install strip lights underneath kitchen cabinets or LED bars underneath a bed. Illuminating furniture and fixtures from below can create a more subtle light. LED lights don’t have to be very bright, and both a bright and soft light can look great emitting from a dark space underneath something. It helps to light up every corner of the room and is an effect that can even create a warm and romantic feeling.

Light Up a Staircase

Make sure your staircase isn’t neglected, by running LED lights along the wall or handrail. This look works best with a modern staircase, perhaps a floating set of wooden stairs. Use white or yellow light to keep things simple, or add a splash of colour to brighten up a plain staircase. Look at http://blog.wattlite.co.uk for more creative ideas for LED lights in unusual places.

LEDs in Your Garden

Using LED lights in your garden is even better than using them indoors. If you have outdoor LEDs, you can use solar powered lights to keep them going without raising your energy bill. Most LEDs designed for outdoor use will charge during the day, and then automatically come on at night and switch off in the morning. You could hang a string of lights on your patio or through your trees and bushes. Or use stake lights to drive them into your lawn or flower borders and illuminate your whole outdoor space.

Cover the Ceiling

If you have a large room with high ceilings, dot spotlight LEDs around the ceiling to make sure the light reaches every corner. Use recessed lights to hide them in the ceiling, but combine them with other fittings if it gives a look that’s too flat. You can play with different colours too and make your room more fun by using green, blue, red or purple instead of just yellows and whites.

Eventually, you could replace all the lights in your house with LED. If you want to be even more environmentally-friendly, combine LEDs with a solar panel.