Decorating the kitchen can seem like something of a hellish task. After all, this is where we keep the entire contents of our house. Our kitchens are the hub of the home. It is where we eat, cook, relax and socialise. Our kitchens take something of a beating. They are well used and certainly well loved. If you are keen to modernise, update or decorate your kitchen, there are some great tips and tricks that you can utilise. You can make sure that your kitchen looks nothing short of astounding.

Tip 1: Add a Feature Wall

Many people believe that they cannot add features walls within their kitchens. It seems that many people prefer a base colour and accessorise accordingly. This doesn’t have to be the case. Adding a feature wall in the kitchen can make it look different, in a good way. You can choose to add a feature wall in any way that you like. You can hang chic wallpaper. You can choose to paint a feature wall in a bright colour. The world of interior design is completely open to your personal style. Add a feature wall for a real touch of pizzazz.

Tip 2: Accessorise With Obscure Items

Accessorising the kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to spend excessively on ‘kitchen’ ornaments. You can accessorise with anything that you like. If you have included a bright blue feature wall, add bright blue round tablecloths to your table. Match up the linen in your room. Adding materials to your kitchen is usually considered a no-no, but it can look amazing. Roman blinds in a matching colour can look incredible. Adding a small, choice rug can add warmth to the room. Of course, going for carpet in the kitchen may be disastrous, but adding fabrics to a kitchen can make it warm, cosy and inviting.

Tip 3: Go for Gold

Gold is going to be a major interior design trend over the next few years. Gold is going to be muted and subtle. Don’t opt for brash tones. Keep it simple and understated. Add a few choice accessories into the kitchen. This can include handles and knobs. Simple and elegant touches are important. You don’t want your kitchen to look like Liberace’s!

Tip 4:  Add Shelving

Shelving? In the kitchen? Yes! You don’t have to forgo niche choices in your kitchen. They can be welcome accessories. Add floating shelves in a complimenting wood to make your kitchen look super. You can add key ornaments, sculptures and photos to these shelves. The trick to making this look good is to keep it minimal. Less is most certainly more. A couple of choice shelves can look perfect in your kitchen. Making the kitchen more homely and inviting is what it is all about.

Tip 5: Contrast

Contrasting colours, fabrics and patterns can give your kitchen the wow factor. Opt for contrasting but complementary tones. This will ensure that your room looks classy. You don’t want your efforts to look slapdash. Consider complementary shades, such as yellow and orange. You can transform your room in an instant.