Have you ever thought about blending industrial design with the contemporary interior of your home? Let’s clear the air if you are not acquainted with this type of design. The first thing that comes to your mind is industrial architecture such as dated barns, spacious warehouses, and old factories. Combine the raw ambiance of these turn-of-the-century structures with the contemporary elegance of your home and you too will find the secret to the beauty of the industrial style. Emphasized mechanical elements in a room minimally furnished are its trademark. For that reason, this style is easily achievable even in your own home. Here are a few tips to give it a go:

Retro lighting

Retro lighting will add some drama to the ambiance and give your room a brand new look. Industrial design requires proper lighting. It goes best with a high ceiling of a spacious interior. First things first, remember less is more. There is no need for a costly crystal chandelier hanging over your head. Instead, install pendant lighting. For example, choose simple light globes that are hanging with wires. The pendant lighting will give a room a bold look. Make sure to add other elements made of metal which will go hand in hand with the new lighting.

Strip it down to its bare bones

As already mentioned, the interior of the industrial design is minimal, leaving the space unoccupied and clutter free. Thus, the room’s functionality and spaciousness are at the top. Another advantage of the style is exposed mechanical elements in the room such as pipes, ducts or bricks. By leaving these elements unfinished and bare, they serve as a décor. So, you won’t need to invest in the room’s renovation. Moreover, create a contrast. Let raw elements come together with some trendy home accessories like soft cushions, rugs or a plant. A comfortable couch is a good idea, too.

The wood and metal combination is most preferred in the industrial design, probably because those were the dominant materials of the past century. No plastic here. This dynamic duo goes well in the kitchen.  Make a contrast with vintage countertops or cabinets and metal components. Modern materials like chrome or sleek steal contribute to the kitchen’s elegance. The industrial style emphasizes functionality of the metal structures, so avoid inoperative elements. However, feel free to furnish the room with an old-fashioned table, shabby-chic chairs, and recycled furniture. The wood –metal duo can be easily fitted in almost any room.

Give it some space

The buildings that inspired industrial design are warehouses, factories, and bars, in other words, spacious structures. Therefore, space is the key element. Try to free up space as much as possible. Concrete or hardwoods flooring ideas are best to make some room. Open the room with loft windows. Their plain design allows a lot of sunlight. Naturally, their maintenance can be a difficulty if you live in an urban area. Filthy rain or dirty smog stains are not always easy to handle, so turn to a professional to keep those stylish windows clean.

Wall décor solutions

Since many factories have been turned into offices, a brick has proven to be an outstanding feature used as an industrial décor at home. So, bare brick walls could add a special touch to your home’s ambiance, too. If you are looking for a way to restyle, you can use neutral colors. Brown, gray or some warm neutral colors that you can choose from a great pallet of colors at ASAP Sydney Painters. In addition, the room will become larger yet cozier. Another way to decorate bare walls is to fill it with a modern artwork. This can be painted directly on the wall without any particular order.

Modern ways with good old days

The allure of the past and the innovations of the future come face to face with the industrial design. These two seemingly different concepts united in the industrial style’s simplicity allow anyone to give it a go. Spacious rooms with some retro lighting, bare walls with an eye-catching décor, metal and wood contrasts, as you can see, these are just a few tips to perfectly blend your modern and functional interior with the ingenuities of the good old days.