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Once you’ve finally got your hands on that new house you’ve been wanting for years, it’s more than likely that you’ll want to put your own personal stamp on it. Moving into a new place can sometimes seem more like moving into someone’s old one. But if you take the time and money to plan out a little bit of redecoration, you’ll be sure to feel at home in your new place. The colour scheme is the most obvious and important way of changing the overall aesthetic of your new home. By picking out a certain set of colours you’re actually creating a theme for your house.

But new paint jobs aren’t just for the new owners out there. A new scheme can be a great way of breathing new life into an old and tired looking home. By taking the time to spruce it up, you can make it feel and look new. That way you’ll feel as though it’s brand new all over again.

But there are a number of things to consider before you make the leap. Paint is one of the cheaper things to buy in any DIY store, but it is still fairly expensive. If at all possible you don’t want to be buying more paint than you absolutely have to. It’s worth thinking through the project before you pull the trigger on any big investments like this. And to help you in your quest for a better looking and more comfortable home, we’ve come up with some quick and dirty tips. Here they are.


Remember that your paint scheme should all feed into a similar theme. Of course, it’s fine to have some contrast and different colour in different rooms. But one of the best thing about changing the colour of your house is that it can give your house a sense of aesthetic consistency.

You spent years saving up, working hard to qualify for a mortgage, and then used to broker the whole process. You don’t want to end up with an inconsistent set of rooms in your house. Remember when you pick out colours that that there should be some consistency. The same colour or a complimentary one should work in every room in your house.


Be practical in your choice. There’s no point in picking out a crisp white colour scheme if your kids are at the age when they’re learning to walk. Their grubby handprints will make your brand new scheme off-coloured in just a few months, and you’ll be starting all over again.


Consider being minimal in your use of paint. You don’t have to spend all of your cash and hours of your time giving your house a makeover. By painting some select areas, or giving one wall a coat in a bold colour you can get the exact same effect. Be smart, think through the effect you’re looking for and you might be able to achieve this.