We spend a whole lot of time in the bathroom, beautifying ourselves and tending to our hygiene. It’s fairly obvious that the bathroom should be a practical place. That being said, many people don’t bother to think about it so much. As long as their bathroom looks good, they don’t care much about it being practical. You’ll love the difference when you take the steps to make your bathroom more practical! Here are some ideas: Make More Space With Floating Fittings Floating fittings make more floor space. Although this might not seem like it makes that much of a difference, it really opens up your space and can even leave more room for storage. You can get floating toilets, floating cabinets, and floating vanity areas. Install ‘Natural’ Lighting I’m guessing you live with more than one person here, so if you don’t you can ignore this step. However, it’s good to bear in mind for the future! Dual vanity space can allow two people to get ready simultaneously, which is a real time saver! You need to keep many things in the bathroom, like your toiletries and such. Clever storage allows you to keep those things in there without making it cluttered. You can buy storage that hangs from the ceiling, and it can even be waterproof. However, you should never hang storage from your shower fittings like some do; this can rip your fittings right off the wall and leave you with an expensive repair to make! Transform into a Wet Room A bathroom is always going to be more practical as a wet room. However, it can be tricky to do as you need suitable drainage so you don’t flood your house. A wet room is much simpler to use and clean, so many homeowners love incorporating them. A brand new shower can make your routine much more practical depending on your needs and what you have now. You can buy rain shower heads, that make it feel like you’re showering in a gentle rainfall – this can be relaxing and has many other benefits. However, you can also install a Stuart Turner power shower which is perfect for waking up in the morning. Label Toiletry Containers By labelling your toiletry containers, you’ll make it much easy to grab things while you get ready. Keeping things in the containers you bought them in can eventually end up looking untidy. By purchasing the same containers and then printing out labels, you’ll make life so much easier for yourself and your guests. Doing this can even add an element of luxury to your bathroom if you pick the right containers. Ready to enjoy a more practical bathroom? Leave your thoughts below!