With so many different culinary appliances on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are most essential.

If you are on a budget, you may not be able to buy everything you need all in one go. Start by investing in the most basic appliances, like an oven, and gradually add more devices to your collection.

Whether you are moving into your first home, giving your kitchen a makeover or moving to a new house, here is our guide to everything you need in your kitchen.

A fridge is one of the most basic and most important appliances you can have.

There are two main things to consider when buying a new fridge. The first being the size of appliance you need and the second being the price you can afford to spend. If you require a fridge and a freezer, consider lowering your costs by buying an all-in-one fridge-freezer.

Whilst there are many luxury fridge-freezer designs available. There are also many other low-cost alternatives. You can pick up second-hand fridges for a relatively low price from second-hand shops and car boot sales, or from social media selling sites.

Whilst a microwave may not be considered vital, it does make many meals quicker and easy to cook. If you have a hectic schedule and a busy family lifestyle, a microwave is an essential buy. Especially as it allows the children to make their own after school snacks.
Ultra-modern microwaves can be rather expensive, so unless you can afford to spend a fortune, you may want to consider a more basic alternative. Have a look online to find the best deals and lowest prices.

A multi-purpose blender is a key kitchen appliance. Not only does it help to prepare foods quicker, it is also great for healthy cooking. If you are a fan of making homemade soups, dips and sources, then you will know how important a blender can be.

Obviously, how essential a blender is to your kitchen will ultimately depend on your lifestyle. If you are into healthy eating and like to prepare your own homemade meals, a blender is essential for doing so. If you prefer to eat ready made meals, you may not find that a blender is essential to your lifestyle.

Whilst hand blenders are cheaper than multi-purpose ones, they are not as useful. Multifunctional blenders can be used to dice, chop, grate, and puree foods, as well as for many other things. Whereas hand blenders tend to just have one function.

Although a dishwasher may not be considered an essential appliance, if your lifestyle is a hectic one, you will know how important a good dishwasher can be. Although it may initially cost a fair amount to buy, it will help to keep your kitchen neat and tidy and in good order.

If space is an issue, consider investing in a slim line dishwasher, instead of a full sized one. To save yourself money, have a look online and find yourself the cheapest deal. Have a look at Cameo Kitchens online appliances to get an idea of what dishwashers are available within your budget.

One of the most vital appliances any kitchen needs is of course, an oven. If you need to replace your oven or buy a new one for your property, have a look at online reviews to help you get a better idea of what is available.

Ideally, you want to invest in an energy efficient oven that fits comfortably into your kitchen space. Before investing, make sure you know whether your property requires a gas or electrical oven, and then go from there.

A George Foreman Grill is an excellent tool for healthy cooking. All you need to do is plug it in, switch it on, and it heats up within minutes. If you are a health fanatic then a George Forman is an absolute must. Ideal for grilling meat, fish and vegetables quickly and healthily, it is low cost and easy to store.