Is the sound in and around your house driving you crazy? Do you often stay up at night due to the noisy neighbourhood? You are not alone! Noisy surroundings can definitely be daunting especially when you are doing something that requires focus. It could be a college assignment or even a presentation for work. Either way, constant noise from various sources can be really bothersome.

Soundproofing your abode is a great way of blocking the noise. You can easily resort to your peaceful and quiet home for the much needed relaxation. There are various ways in which you can soundproof your place. You can select the best way based on your budget. If something works fine for you then replicating the same in all rooms is a good idea.

For instance, the type of furniture you choose has a lot to do with sound. Surfaces that are flat are known to reflect noise. Likewise, soft surfaces absorb noise better which is why furniture with foam is usually recommended for soundproofing. Below are the top 8 tips that you can use to soundproof your space.

Regular walls and ceilings are not that effective in absorbing noise. This is because they are usually hollow. Any noise that strikes the surface passes through it easily with a lot of ease. If you are to control the noise, you can consider investing in materials that are effective in noise absorption. While choosing the doors and windows, opt for those which are solid instead of hollow. Solid core doors are slightly costly than the regular ones but they are certainly worth it. There are few doors which are specially designed to block out the noise.

Majority of the times, the sound sneaks around from around the door and causes sheer disturbance. You can save yourself from this ordeal by weather stripping the door. The best material that you can use is adhesive foam tape that has a high density. All that you have to do is to stick it around the boundary of the door and notice the change. A weather strip threshold can be used to seal the gap underneath the door. Doing so will tremendously help in blocking out the noise from outside.

  • Eliminate the Noisemakers

When you are buying new appliances, make sure that you go for quieter variants. With the advancement in technology, there are a lot of appliances that are specially designed to be quiet for a better living. You can opt for machines such as dishwasher, washing machine and the like that are relatively less noisy. Most of the times, the noise is also created because your machine has gotten old or isn’t function properly. The moment you notice any rattle, buzzing or vibrations you can actually rectify the flaws so that the noisemakers are kept in check.

At times when the sound system has issues, it can create a lot of unnecessary noise. Your sound system should ideally not impose the noise on the entire house. If it currently does so, you should definitely get it checked. You can invest in a good quality subwoofer as it has low-frequency tones. You can also put an isolation pad beneath the woofer so that the sound does not reverberate throughout your living space. Likewise, opt for quality speakers that keep the unwanted noise in check.

If your room is very close to the garage then chances are that the street noise will get into your house to create disturbance. Thus, your garage door plays a very important part in cutting out any noise from the outside. It is a great idea to consider investing in garage doors that have foam insulation and come with additional facing. This will drastically reduce the noise that comes from outside. Moreover, you will also be saved from the noise of the garage itself.

You might not always notice the floor squeaks during the day but they can be quite a nightmare in the night. When there is no one in the house except for you, these squeaks can create a lot of disturbance. You should right away fix the squeaky floors so that no such disturbance is caused.

  • Invest in Soundproof Curtains

While you might think that curtains will hardly make any difference, it is far from the truth. Curtains on both doors and windows play a very important role in blocking out unnecessary noise. If you are having curtains that are made of thin materials then it is time that you get an upgrade. Look for curtains that are made of thick materials like velvet and have layers in them. It is also recommended that you should look for curtains that are full length and cover the ceiling to floor. This way majority of noise will be dampened.

While trying to reduce the noise, you should look into pipes that are noisy and create a rattling sound to fix them. Thudding and banging pipes can be really annoying and it is a major contributor of noise. You can reduce the noise by installing water hammer arrestors that provide an air cushion. Just like the pipes, you can also identify the other sources of noise and make sure that they are fixed thus solving half of your problem.

Final Take

Noise is inevitable and is indeed a result of our evolving lifestyle. Noise pollution can have a really negative impact on your sleep and can add a lot of stress while deteriorating the quality of life. Fortunately, there are several ways to go about the situation and soundproofing is an excellent measure. Achieving it can be a little tricky but it will be completely worth the effort. With the help of the tips mentioned above, you can very well soundproof your space and keep it quiet.