Want to know how to create a luxurious living room? Then read on to discover our top tips for creating a sumptuous haven for your family. Whether you want to revamp the whole room or simply add a few luxurious accents, there are lots of options available to you.     

Create luxury in your living room by introducing a range of textures and fabrics. Velvet strikes a particularly luxurious note, and velvet sofas in jewel-like colours have been cited as a top style trend for 2017. If you don’t want to replace your sofa, then think about adding a plush throw, or a few scatter cushions to your interior design scheme.      

For an opulent feel add a chandelier to your decorating scheme. You’ll find examples aplenty from affordable versions on your local high street to vintage examples in antique shops and at your local auction house. Lighting fixtures are often the element of a decorating scheme that gets forgotten, but with a chic chandelier, you’ll achieve an opulent look in your living room.     

Art deco style abounds in interior design at the moment, and it lends itself well to creating a luxurious feel, from angular mirrors to occasional tables with marble tops. Strong colour contrasts are evident too, as in the dining room of the Courtauld House at Eltham Palace, where black and gold reign supreme. Add key design motifs of the Deco style from the stepped profile to the Egyptian-inspired key design, sunrises, zig zags and stylised flowers. Here too shiny decadent fabrics are evident, just right for the luxurious feel you’re trying to create.  

Fireplaces create a striking focal point in a living and can add a luxurious note depending on the material and style employed. Look to Victorian or Georgian styles in carrara marble, limestone or granite to help create your luxurious living room. If you don’t have an open fireplace, there are plenty of gas or electric alternatives which echo vintage styles.     

  1. Furniture that’s a cut above

Quality tells, and it’s worth splashing out on well-crafted furniture for your living room to help create that luxurious look. Oak has long been associated with quality when it comes to furniture and French oak strikes just the right note for a luxury feel, so seek out some stylish examples for your home. Whether you want a cabinet to hold your TV, to create a dining area or to add some valuable storage to your home, there are a plethora of pieces from which to choose.      pexels-photo-106936-7447198

Nothing speaks of luxury like a rug, whether you choose a jewel-like colour to complement your sofa or a striking geometric pattern to echo the Art deco influence we’ve mentioned. There’s sure to be an example to suit every style and budget, with a plethora of options available online, on the high street or in your local antique shop. The texture, style, size and colour of a rug can transform a room, and there are some things you should consider before buying one. Firstly, consider what you want the rug to do; draw attention to the main focal point of your living room or become the focal point of a room. Size is also an important consideration; go for a small size to highlight a bijou but exquisite piece of furniture or larger size to pull together your whole interior design scheme. A rich colour, deep texture or ornate pattern is most likely to create a luxurious feel. If your living room is currently, plain, pale and smooth, it will break up the monotony and add some warmth to your interior.            

Though the cut glass vase and punch bowl might not have the best reputation and have been out of favour for some time, an element of crystal in your living room can help create the luxurious feel you’re seeking. Look a little deeper, and you’ll see that the designs can be  much more cutting edge than you might at first anticipate. From the wow factor of a chandelier to a pair of candlesticks to top your fireplace or a mere door knob to put the finishing touch to your interior design scheme – there is bound to be something to suit you. From a piece of vintage Lalique to a contemporary design by the likes of John Rocha or Jasper Conran, the options available are many and varied.       

A crucial factor to consider when creating a luxurious interior design scheme is the treatment of the windows in your living room. Choose a heavy fabric such as a damask or velvet to add to that opulent feel and consider the added extras such as coordinating pelmets and tie backs.

So there you have our eight top tips for creating a luxurious living room, from quality keynote furniture to opulent fabrics, vintage elements and crystal accents. We hope you’ve found it helpful and that you’re well on the way to creating the opulent living room you desire.