An increasing number of homeowners today are replacing traditional laminated countertops with granite worktops. They are willing to pay a higher price for them because of their durability and also because they are more sturdy and require very little maintenance if at all.

 Here’s listing a few of these advantages, check them out:


1.    Visually very Appealing

One of the main reasons of replacing your traditional countertop with a granite worktop is its unbeatable visual appeal – it’s just incredible to look at. Every piece of granite is unique; they are available in both classic and contemporary styles. In fact, such is the appeal of granite worktops that they are proven to add value to your home and will help sell a property.

2.    Availability in a Variety Of Colours And Finishes

The majorityof people perceive that granite is only a grey stone comprising of flecks of different colours. Granite however comes in many different colours besides simple grey, including black, blue, cream and even pink. Plus granite worktops come in a variety of finishes ranging from sophisticated matt finish to high gloss finish – suitable for every taste and style!

3.    Can be Used in many different Unique Ways

Granite worktops can instantly upgrade the look and feel of a house. Surprisingly, no two pieces of granite are alike, so opting for granite worktops will make your kitchen and bathroom beautifully unique.

4.    Highly Durable

If maintained well, granite worktops last for a lifetime. These are heat resistant, water resistant and even stain free and are virtually damage free. They are scratch resistant and are difficult to break, no wonder they are the first preference of majority homeowners today!

5.    Low Maintenance

Sealing granite once every year is the only maintenance you’ve got to care for. Granite tops will remain flawless and keep looking great for many years to come.

6.    Value for Money

Though you might be surprised at this, but yes granite worktops help you save a huge amount on refinishing and replacement of the entire worktop. Granite worktops actually look good year after year, which means you’ll have to forget about the expensive repairs on refinishing your countertops every year.

7.    Add Value To Your Property

In case you’re planning to sell property,having granite worktops will feature as an added advantage and enhance the overall value of the property. Owing to the many benefits offered by granite, worktops prospective buyers would be willing to pay more for a house with granite worktops as they know these worktops will last for years and will demand low maintenance.

8.    Naturally More Hygienic

Granite worktops offer many other benefits, including their resistivity to a wide range of bacteria. This makes granite a highly hygienic natural material that is ideal for your kitchen and bathroom countertop fittings.

Author Bio:

Ryan Henderson is owner of Henderstone LTD, a leading online retailer of quality quartz, granite and other worktop variants for homes and offices in South East. He is passionate about all things related to home improvement. Now a specialist worktop supplier, he loves to write on related topics when he finds time from his hectic schedule.