While the weather may still be looking grey and bleak, most people are excited for Spring. In the world of interior design, attention is firmly fixed on eye-catching colors, luxurious fabrics and anything beautiful for the season. If you are looking for insight on how to freshen up the interior of your home, keep reading for brilliant ideas and styles.

1. Embellishments
This is a trend that has been carried on from 2017. Embellishments are designed so that they can enhance and also exaggerate different pieces and features. Embellishments take different forms such as pompoms, tassels, feathers, and tufts just to name a few. They are little flourishes that can be added to furniture to make it stand out. Embellishments will add a handmade look to different pieces around the house.

2. Soft summer colors or ice cream colors
Ice cream colors also referred to as gelato colors are soft pinks and blues that act as a pleasant reminder of the cooler side of summer. The usual colors of summer, red and orange, have been supplanted by more delicate colors such as blue and pink. These tones can be used as a feature wall or in brightening up an entire room with different colors and accessorizing using sweet colored vases, dining chairs, and lamps.


3. Foliage
Houseplants might have been the in thing last year, it seems to have spilled over to this year. People have realized the power potted plants have in giving your home a mood-boosting lift. This year the trend is moving from just foliage to patterned plants. Incorporating more vibrant designs and colors is one of the cheapest ways to give any room a new lease on life.

4. The ombre trend
Ombre trend in interior design is rather new. It is based on a color transition from darker tones to lighter tones. Or even from one tint to another. Ombre on walls is the most noticeable and can be used in just about any room. The trick with the ombre trend is to find the right tone. While applying ombre on walls it is best to note that for rooms with low ceilings the darkest shade should be at the bottom. The ombre trend is not just in walls but also fabrics around the house.

5. Glittery gold
Shimmery fabrics and molten finishes are in range this season. A touch of gold in any room can instantly lift the room’s aesthetics. Metal madness has been slowly sneaking up the interior of homes for countless years. Interior designers take it to another level by embracing metals in walls, stairs, ceiling, or even textiles.


6. Bold pop of color
The term ‘bold pop of color’ could mean a number of things, from a statement wall to a festive carpet. A room would not be complete without leaving a colorful mark on it. It is a great way to highlight the architectural details of any room as well as add some personality to a neutral space.

7. Tropical
Tropical trends make you look forward to the summer days. To add some character to your rooms consider putting a little greenery in your home. Consider mixing up different plants to reflect your personal style. Although, you do not have to have plants if that’s not your thing. You can accessorize using a tropically themed wallpaper instead, or even a chic pineapple lamp. You get the idea.

To avoid overloading a room with so many ideas, it helps working with an interior designer.

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