The kitchen is the perfect place to bring the family together. It’s warm and friendly and perfect for cooking, chatting and just spending time together.

To make the most out of your kitchen area and create a family friendly atmosphere, have a read of this.

Make your kitchen into a multi-purpose space

Instead of having just a kitchen, create a versatile space that is a mixture of a cooking space and a family room. Use a clever kitchen design to make your space more of a family area than a kitchen – a place to talk, relax and play. For some help designing the perfect family area, visit a Bournemouth kitchen showroom.

Instead of having a traditional dining table and chairs, place a coffee table and armchair style seating in your kitchen. This is an excellent way to make the room more of an area to relax in, than just somewhere to cook and eat.

If you have a wooden or stone floor, consider adding a large area rug to the space. This gives the illusion of a separate area for relaxing in,  perfect for creating a family atmosphere.

Keep the area organised

Whilst it is nice to have a space for your family to spend time in, it is important that your kitchen is well organised. As well as the regular kitchen storage facilities, include storage for your children’s toys and games and other essentials.
Having an island in the middle of the room is a great way of creating extra storage space. As well as providing a seated area where you can sit and chat with your family and friends. An island is also an ideal place to eat breakfast or for the children to do their homework on.

Add a tasteful blackboard or pin board to the room

Add a blackboard or a notice board to your kitchen, so that you can keep track of any important reminders or chores. A blackboard can also be used to keep track of your children’s school grades, behaviour or after school activities.

Accept that your kitchen may become crowded

If you have a large family, then your kitchen is bound to become slightly overcrowded at times. With so many things to keep track of, you may end up with a kitchen filled with lots of bits and bobs. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Hectic, crowded family kitchens are very pleasant places to be.

Add some colour

Don’t have a plain, kitchen, add some colour to it. Aim to have a kitchen that reflects your family’s lifestyle. So, unless your family is plain and boring, don’t opt for a white kitchen, ensure you add some unique, colourful features into it. If you want your kitchen to be a family place, reflect that in the room’s decor.

Try incorporating things just for the children

As you are aiming to have a family friendly kitchen, consider what the children may like you to include.

For little children, adding in smaller pieces of furniture is a beautiful touch. If you do a lot of baking with the children, you could buy a cooking table that has different height levels, so that you and the children can all use it together.