Home is definitely where the heart is. It needs to be more livable than perfect looking, else that whole “coming home emotion” isn’t there. There are a few touches which differentiate a home from a well furnished hotel. Especially during winters, with the snow falling outside and the chilly winds blowing away, everybody needs their home to curl in. Here are a few tips which might be handy when it comes to warming up your home:

Install a heater:

That is if you don’t own one already, heating is essential during winters. Sometimes fireplaces are not the most viable option, in small homes especially. For that reason and to be more economic, make use of wonderful heaters which will warm up the entire home in no time. The warmth, the cosiness of the house is proportionate to the amount of warmth it emits. Having loving warm people in the house sounds good, but it is actually the heater doing all the work. It is the true mother bear, keeping her kids cosy.

Re-arrange Furniture:

A lot of change comes in a house by simply rearranging some furniture. A change in the layout can always cosy things up a little bit. Rugs, cushions, comfortable sofas where you can literally sink in are a few of the “cosy” furniture pieces that you should own. Nestle them up together and feel the warmth. If nothing else, get yourself a comfortable chair which can be your refuge against this cold world. Add a standing lamp for good measure and curl up on the chair reading your favourite book.

Warm Paints:


Studies have shownthat certain colours make a home cosier than others. Needless to say, those are the warm colours which make the place feel smaller and cozier. Every colour has warm undertones if picked correctly or mixed with a colour which gives out warm vibes. Freshly paint the home with those colours and feel all fuzzy from the inside.

Shut the windows, lock the doors:

Make sure that the windows, doors, passageways (hidden or otherwise) are properly sealed and shut most of the times. This should definitely be the case if your region has a lot of snowfall or rainfall. Ensure that the glass pains in all the doors/windows have fresh putty as damaged doors can easily break if strong winds are blowing or if there is a snowstorm.

 Drapes and more: It’s a known fact that more layers will automatically make things cosier. By adding drapes to your windows which may be covered with simple blinds, your windows will get a whole new look, a cosier look.


Winter is the time of removing those musty old blankets from the store cupboard and sleeping inside them the entire day, look for those vintage quilts to tuck in, pillow covers to use for those cushions and those lamps which you bought but never used. Use natural elements to decorate your home. Most importantly sprinkle the things you love all over your home so that the feeling of family feels stronger than ever. The best way of doing this is putting up family photographs everywhere and little anecdotes from everywhere you have gone together. These little things will make your home warm and winter ready.