Your living space is the heart of your home. People spend more time in the lounge than they do in any other room in the house.
With that in mind, you want to ensure that the space is as comfortable as it can be. So, how do you do that? When people walk into your living room, you want them to feel instantly at home. You can use a few simple tricks to make the room feel inviting and cosy.

1. Use storage units to hide electrics

One thing, which is sure to make your living room look a mess, is stray wires. When you have electronic devices, wires and plugs everywhere, your room will look untidy. An easy way in which to solve this problem is to get some storage units for your living room. You can paint the units in a neutral colour so that you hardly notice them at all. You should hide away your intruder alarms and various other gadgets in these units. That way, the electric devices don’t attract attention or dominate the room.

2. Ensure that you have plenty of seating

When you invite people into your home, it is your job to ensure that they feel comfortable. If there are not enough seats for people, you will find that social events are awkward for everybody involved. If you have a sofa that seats two people, you should ensure that you have a few chairs as well. It doesn’t matter whether the chairs match your interior decor; you can jazz them up with blankets and cushions.

3. Get rid of your curtains

If you have heavy curtains covering your windows, it will make the room look dark and dull. Instead, get rid of your curtains altogether and replace them with some translucent blinds. That way, you will still get a lot of natural daylight in the room. When the room catches the sunlight, you will find that the entire area looks warm and inviting. Blocking the windows is a sure fire way to ruin the look of the room, and so you mustn’t do it.

4. Use soft lighting to create an atmosphere

When you are installing the lighting fixtures for the room, you need to think about what vibe the light gives. For example, if you have bright lights, that will give the room a cold and sterile atmosphere. Instead, you should use energy saving light bulbs to create a soft light. You can also use shades to make the light more appealing that it would otherwise be. You should ensure that the light in your living area is not too harsh, or it will look awful.

5. Don’t be afraid of unique pieces

Ornaments can look tacky at times. You want to avoid having too many different ornaments around your home. Having said that, you should never be afraid to experiment with original and unique pieces. Adding a few unusual ornaments will make your house feel unique. These pieces also make excellent focal points in your rooms.

6. Choose one bold piece of art

Art is a subjective thing. That means that different people like various types of art. Don’t try to please everyone. Choosing a non-offensive, yet bland piece of art is never going to be a good move. Instead, you need to pick something that you actually adore. Spend some time looking at various styles of art and choose a canvas, which suits you. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks about the piece; they don’t have to see it every single day. Be daring and choose a piece, which you find interesting.