Want to know which home hacks you should try out? Then read on to discover our top recommendations, from things you can make to things you should look out for when you’re next shopping for your home.     Recycle and repurpose objects to give your home a fresh new look. The website for The Freecycle Network is a great place to start, with lots of items being given away for free in your area. Just log on to www.freecycle.org to find your local group, and see what items are in need of a new home. It’s a great way to inject some personality into your property with some quirky vintage or ‘nearly new’ finds. In addition, try architectural salvage yards, car boot sales, charity shops and local auction houses for items that are one of a kind. Look at objects a fresh and think about how you could repurpose them, from an industrial cable reel repurposed as a coffee table to antique chimney pots repurposed as garden features – the possibilities are endless.    pexels-photo-4052980 There’s been a huge resurgence of interest in traditional crafts in recent years, and it’s time to join in if you haven’t already. From crochet to knitting and patchwork, to name but a few, crafts provide the perfect way to add some new accessories to your home. New curtains, cushions and quilts are all within your reach. Moreover, soft furnishings provide a great way to use up your stash of material, all those odds and ends you haven’t found a use for can be incorporated. You could even incorporate your vintage finds to give your home a unique style, from traditional floral designs to mid-century ‘atomic ‘fabrics, they’ll help set the tone of your home styling efforts.       Painting is probably the most economical home hack at your fingertips. You could begin by using chalky paint to give furniture a shabby chic look. Alternatively, you could embrace special painting techniques such as stippling or rag rolling to give your home a whole new look.  

  1. Mirror or mirror on the wall

Maximise the light levels in your home by adding additional mirrors in strategic places, helping small spaces to seem larger. There are a plethora of affordable styles available on the high street from sizeable overmantel styles to smaller, decorative examples. Geometric art deco and mid-century sunburst designs are a firm favourite at the moment.      pexels-photo-276267-2149625 Ice machines, including ice makers and ice flakers, can transform your kitchen and will mean you’re always ready to cater for guests – even if they’re unexpected. From a fun slushy drink for your children to refreshments ‘on the rocks’ for the grown-ups, an ice machine is what you need. Ice machines will save you time and hassle when it comes to entertaining. Introduce a fun and practical element to your home with a remote control light bulb. You can introduce special lighting effects into your home, including a variety of colours – all at the touch of a button. So there you have our top six home hacks that you need to try out, from hints and tips on things you can make and do, to the latest gadgets for your home. Get your next home improvement project underway, with our home hacks.