If home security is on your mind, you may want to take a look through this list of tips and tricks that may help add an additional edge to your security system. The ideas range from the simple to the complex, but they should complement any security plan and be within a reasonable price range for most homeowners.


1. Install a Security System and Let Them Know It

A security system should be an obvious idea for home theft deterrence, but it is always worth a reminder that you should have one installed, and visibility of the system is pivotal to getting the most out of it. You do not need to broadcast just how in-depth your security system is, but at the very least posting signs promoting your security provider is essential. Utilizing the threat of the security system can avoid issues like broken windows and doors from theft attempts or a thief unwittingly stumbling on a system vulnerability.

2. Automated Interior Lights

An old trick for keeping thieves away on vacations or even when just out for the day is to leave a light on to indicate that someone is home. A prolonged surveillance of a house can reveal this pattern, making it ineffective against more intelligent thieves. An automated system can control these lights, turning them off and on to simulate there being occupants. While not foolproof, it can at least make it more difficult for a thief to assess if the house is empty or not, thus discouraging any attempts.


3. Visible Surveillance Cameras

Placing a few cameras in spots where they are visible without being easily accessed is a great deterrent as the thieves cannot regularly appear around your house without fear of being caught on camera. There are even fake cameras that sell quite well due to this intimidation effect, but the ease at which wireless cameras can be installed means there is little reason to not go the extra distance and install a working surveillance system.

4. Loud, Angry Dogs

Sometimes, the old fashioned approach is the best one. Humanity has used dogs for home security farther back than anyone cares to remember. Even a small dog can act like an intelligent, fluffy alarm system with the right training, and large dogs can drive intruders away by their presence alone. Just be sure you keep in mind that if you do not want your dog to bark at night, then it might not be the best option for you.


5. Proper Outdoor Lighting

It may seem like something out of a video game, but thieves do often make use of shadows and dark corners in order to do their work. Keeping every outside corner of your house covered by lights will help discourage nighttime intruders. If you live in a rural area you can use flood lights to cover a larger area for the same effect.

Protect the People and Things You Love

Whatever options you decide to employ, the most important thing is that you take the time to secure your home, both to protect your investments and protect the people you love. At the very least, install a regular home security system and use it properly.