Are you in the process of choosing the finishing touches for your new home? Or maybe you’re looking to upgrade an old, outdated living space?  Either way, your house should put you at ease by reflecting a fresh and trendy aesthetic fit for 2018.  There are several exciting design trends popping up this year, so why not consider all your options?  Continue reading to discover the top new material design trends for 2018.  You may discover your new favorite look!

When choosing materials to dress up bare walls, consider a new trend that is a top pick for the 2018 design market.  While traditional paneling can feel outdated, bamboo panels are a wonderful choice for crafting a stylish interior that balances serene outdoor vibes with the fresh look of a modern aesthetic. This option results in a timeless décor choice that simply won’t go out of style anytime soon!  Available in a variety of hues to match your design palette, bamboo paneling is known for carrying a very subtle wood grain that provides understated detailing to complement many décor plans.

If long-lasting durability is a priority on your list, consider integrating modified wood into your exterior design plans.  Exposure to sun, rain, wind, and all other weather phenomena can wreak havoc on the appearance of your home and inflict serious damage that could lead to safety concerns.  Modified wood siding offers an attractive exterior finish that has undergone an innovative treatment process to decrease the visible effects of swelling, warping, and dulling.  An excellent choice for homeowners interested in low-maintenance options, it’s no surprise that modified wood ranks high on the 2018 list of top new material design trends.

Another hot design trend this year is the addition of plywood cabinets in kitchen, den and work spaces.  This particular building material provides absolute peace of mind, because it is both decorative and durable, allowing for storage space that doesn’t distract from the overall layout of the room.  Another advantage of plywood cabinets is that you can truly create a one-of-a-kind look to match your personal taste.  Unlike traditional cabinets, new lines of plywood cabinets offer a plethora of styles.  Rugged or refined, cozy or fresh—you’re sure to find a design that suits the needs of your home.

While outdated neighborhood approaches resulted in strings of cookie-cutter houses, more modern approaches are creating dynamic neighborhoods with homes that stand apart.  One of the top new material design trends addresses this unique curb appeal head-on.  Fiber cement house siding combines the classic and comforting look of wood exterior with innovative, weather resistant technology, making it a great defense against detrimental weather and insect damage.  Furthermore, the decreased flammability of fiber cement siding makes it a safer choice over traditional wood.  Available in an assortment of layouts, colors and textures, you can easily see why it’s quickly becoming a popular material design trend.

Dreaming of log cabin life but hesitant to forfeit the luxuries of a modern home?  Steel log cabin siding may be the perfect material design option for you.  The natural wood appearance of this innovative building material is simply striking—it truly resembles a genuine log cabin!  The best part, however, is that it comes with all the perks of building modernization, meaning your home’s exterior will be very low-maintenance.  Because of the metallic composition of this trendy design material, you can forget about traditional repairs, including painting, staining, insect damage and rotting wood replacement.

If you’re building or remodeling a home in 2018, don’t ignore these top new material design trends!  You’ll simply love the results.