As everyone knows, trying to inspire a living room can be hard work. Most of us just stick with the old standard look – basic living room, TV as the main focal point, some other accessories like perhaps a computer desk etc.

It’s all very basic, and this makes adding a touch of your own personal class into the room quite tough. With these simple ideas, though, you can use the power of the rug to help add a touch of extra precision and charm to your living room for years to come.

Winter Warmth

One of the best ways to use a rug in the living room is to place it underneath the couches, preferably a corner couch or an L-shaped one. Then, have a little footrest or coffee table in front of you.

This creates a focal point of comfort and warmth, and makes it very easy for your rug to help add a bit of extra friendliness, making it easy to snuggle up on the couch during winter!

Contemporary Simple

Some people don’t like their living room to be excessively busy or overly wrought with color. If you want to avoid going down an overly specific color scheme, then do yourself a favor and look at using a nice simple grey rug.

It helps to add texture and comfort to the room, without trying to shape the entire theme and fit of the room. A good choice for anyone looking to help make their room more creative without color.

Old School

A rug used as the prime basis for a reading area is a good way to help make your living room stand out from the norm. If you have the cash/means, invest in an old-school vintage style rug with a rocking chair.

This helps to add that classic style of rug to the room without going overboard, and making sure it can fit into the room with the vintage seating solution helping to make it blend in entirely.

Color Combo

For those who have a living room with a lot of color going on, buy a rug without color and dye it yourself. You can add a nice over-dye look that helps the whole rug tie in perfectly with the color scheme.

If you don’t want it to be the same as the rest of the color scheme, you could easily find a combining color (i.e. blue and yellow work well as a duo) and use that to help add extra charm to the room.

Complete the Look

Any living room with a particular theme to it can be made to come out more with a bold rug. A room that is full of passionate warmth can be tied together with the help of a very unusual and abstract looking rug. A cooler room can be drawn together with a more simplistic, solid rug.

You can find that a rug helps to complete the look; the more optimistic the room is, the better a chaotic rug works. The more professional or cool the room is, go with something nice and simple. As ever, you can find high quality yet cheap rugs online to help make this easier to arrange.

Use these rug ideas above, and you should find it a bit easier to bring the whole room together in sumptuous style.