Glass is becoming a hugely popular material for use in interior design as well as part of modern architecture in general – and there are a whole host of reasons as to why this is the case.  Not only does glass bring a touch of luxury to any home or commercial building, but it is also superb for increasing a sense of space and for maximising light – and more and more homeowners are making the leap to installing glass staircases in their home.  But why is this?  We have a few reasons as to why you may consider a glass staircase or series of balustrade installations as part of your new-look home.


The flexibility and lightweight nature of glass allows for some truly fantastic bespoke creations – meaning that it’s often a manufacturer’s favourite material to work with.  Glass, unlike wood or metal, is much more open to being formed, shaped and designed in any way you see fit – making it a fantastic choice for a truly unique staircase.  As the staircase is often the first thing many people see when entering your home, you’re going to want to make a spectacular and unique first impression!


Many may perceive glass to be brittle or incapable of providing for such regularly-used structures as staircases – however, this simply isn’t the case.  Toughened glass is more robust than ever, and with manufacturing allowing for scratch and damage-resistant glass in recent times, it’s becoming more and more of an attractive choice for staircase installations.

Space Creation

The main benefit of installing glass in your home is an aesthetic one – after all, the look of glass walls, glass balustradesand staircases can hardly be equalled!  Further to this, the transparency of a glass staircase allows you to create more space within your home than you could ever imagine – it’s a clever illusion that can really transform the atmosphere in a room almost effortlessly.

Easy Maintenance

Glass staircases are, of course, the easiest to maintain – as they’re not only wipe clean, but are often made of toughened glass to lessen the risk of any long-term damage or scuffing.  Compared to carpeted or wooden staircases, glass models are surprisingly low-maintenance and certainly pay for themselves long term.

Light and Eco-Friendly

Glass staircases are by far the kindest to the environment in their manufacture and composition alone, and in addition to this, they’re extremely lightweight – while at the same time remaining durable and extremely hard to damage.  Taking both of these factors into account of course means that glass staircases are easy to disassemble and can be completely recycled once they’ve lived their course – but why would you ever want to remove a staircase that looks so good?

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