There is nothing more relaxing than a bathroom that lets you feel at home so you can unwind at the end of the day. If you go too far with modern decorations, your bathroom could turn clinical rather than relaxing. So where do you start? If your bathroom starting to feel unwelcoming and dull,  follow these tips for the perfect mix of modern luxury…

Add striking fittings

An easy way to update your bathroom and make it feel modern is to upgrade your fixtures and fittings. You can add glossy metal bathroom accessories and fittings to create a contemporary space. Fittings like these will match every colour scheme. Adding bathroom accessories, such as towel racks, are also ideal for a touch of sophistication.

Use glass to make your bathroom feel open

Using glass on surfaces and as accents will help to make your bathroom feel bright and open. It also has the added advantage of looking sleek and modern! If your shower unit is a little old and not quite as white as it used to be, think about adding a glass shower enclosure to your room. Glass fittings will seamlessly match any room, so you don’t have to compromise your colour scheme. You could also consider adding glass surfaces and large mirrors to allow the most amount of light.

Make it monochrome

Monochrome colour schemes look effortlessly elegant in any room. The picture above demonstrates a great way to include monochrome. It shows how to make a bathroom beautiful and relaxing, without being plain and boring. You don’t need to use just white and black either. Mixing in greys and textured surfaces such as marble or granite will soften the monochrome look so it still feels homely. You can even add bright coloured touches to include a little colour.

Add elegant fabrics

Many people think of bathroom rugs as an afterthought.  The right rug can add that extra bit of opulence your bathroom needs. You can even buy gorgeous memory foam rugs so your feet feel just as luxurious as your bathroom looks. Another way to include luxury fabrics is by choosing a shower curtain that not only does its job, but matches your decor. If you want to go all out, you can even match your towels to your scheme!

Display beautiful candles

Often when we think of a relaxing soak, candles come to mind. Displaying candles in your bathroom will keep it smelling wonderful and add a nice decorative touch. Stylish candle holders on a side table or cabinet can help you add a simple modern touch. It is even possible to have the effect of candlelight in your bathroom without the real thing. Remote control candles are the perfect modern way to get that warm spa feeling.
We hope you’re feeling ready to transform your bathroom now. Start with small touches and work your way up to the bigger fixtures and fittings and you’ll have the perfect bathroom in no time. Check out Homeclick for other great ideas. If you’re decorating on a budget, try our awesome inexpensive ideas for jazzing up your bathroom!