5 Great Tips to Remember During your next Remodel

If you’ve ever been through a home remodel, you know that having your house redone can test your wallet, your marriage, and even your sanity. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Following these 5 simple tips will help keep your next remodel on time, on task, and on budget. 

For any work you do, make sure you hire a licensed, insured contractor with credible references. Doing your research on the front end will save you a mountain of trouble if problems should arise. Remember that as the head of the project, your general contractor will bear the ultimate responsibility for your remodel’s success or failure. 

Having a detailed contract and remodel plan protects your remodel on two fronts: first, it provides a legal backing which you can refer back to to ensure that all of your original specifications are met upon the remodel’s completion. Second, it creates a clear plan which prevents you from making spontaneous decisions mid-stream. Deciding on even small details like doorknobs or paint color well in advance will ensure that the completed renovation adheres to your vision. 

The idea of home remodeling has almost become synonymous with the large, unkempt pile of construction waste which seems to accompany most projects. Homeowners are often surprised at the amount of debris that results from even a small project. Start shopping for removal quotes well in advance. Most Indianapolis trash pickup services will provide a free quote based on your needs. 

Even the smoothest, best-budgeted remodels can meet with unexpected problems; and it doesn’t take much to throw your project off the rails due to lack of funding. Plan for a contingency fund at least as large as 1/3 of the total cost of your remodel in the event that unplanned expenses should arise. 

They say the devil’s in the details. This phrase is certainly true during your remodel. Small, upgraded expenses often seem insignificant at first – for instance, a certain flooring might only be a few more cents per foot – but in the aggregate these can add up to a major expense. Be realistic about what features and upgrades will add true value to your home.