Essential cooking tools

Every kitchen should have a good set of kitchen knives along with a few other things that I am going to list. When it comes to cooking there are just something’s we can’t go without. Life is so much easier when we have the correct tools to make it work for us and the same thing applies for cooking. We need the correct tools. Everybody’s kitchen is different and that is because we are all different. But no matter how different we all may be I am going to tell you 5 must have cooking tools that every kitchen should have.

Measuring Cups

Ever have to play the guessing game when it comes to measurements while cooking? What about that homemade chicken soup that would have been perfect if it didn’t have just a little too much salt. Having a set of measuring cups (and measuring spoons for smaller measurements) is a must have. Make every recipe perfect with the accurate measurements. Go head give it a try and take all the guess work out of measuring ingredients.

Kitchen Knives

I cannot stress how important it is to own a set of kitchen knives. No kitchen is complete without a good set of kitchen knives. Almost everything that we are going to cook will need to be cut. The quality of the knife will reflect the quality of the cut. Owning a set of kitchen knives is a must because I am sure we all know you can’t use the same knife for everything. The knife is probably one of the most used tools when it comes to cooking.

Nonstick Pots and Pans

This should have been number one. Nonstick pots and pans produce the greatest looking dishes. Have you ever seen an omelet cooked in a nonstick pan? It almost looks too good to eat, almost. Let’s not forget how easy it is to clean these pots and pans. Washing out nonstick pots and pans can be done in a fraction of the time it takes to wash a traditional pot or pan. I am sure everyone can benefit from less clean up time, especially dishes.


Owning a mixer is another time saver. A mixer is an energy saver as well. Mixing that cake could take something especially when we are trying to beat out all those lumps and it can burn some energy too! Just place that mixer in your batter and the job is done in only a few seconds. I remember the first time I used a mixer I thought, “Wow what have I been missing out on and what have I been doing to myself for all these years”. Needless to say I have been a big fan of a mixer every since I held one in my hand.


Make the perfect piece of meat every time. With a thermometer you would be able to cook a juicy and tender piece of meat effortlessly. Nothing spoils a good home cooked meal faster than a dry piece of meat. A thermometer is the perfect way to make sure you are cooking that meat until it is at the temperature that would allow the meat to be fully cooked and still juicy. Why not equip your kitchen with the only tool to ensure that you will be serving mouthwatering meat every time.

Take the time, sweat, and hassle out of cooking. If you do not already own these items go out and purchase them, these are must have tools for your kitchen. Make cooking easy, fun, and fast with these tools. Treat yourself and your kitchen. And remember no kitchen is complete without a good set of kitchen knives.