When I was growing up, each year for my birthday – instead of gifts – I would ask for some paint so I could redecorate my bedroom. You see that’s the thing – most kids want an amazing bedroom – because when you’re little that’s the only space you have all to yourself. It’s important for kids to have somewhere they can be themselves, somewhere they can relax and enjoy spending time in too. Making their room a fun, personal environment is important – but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are lots of ways you can overhaul your children’s bedrooms, without spending too much money at all, meaning that – as they get older you can keep the room changing as they change.

Here are some ideas:

1.      Photography

Photography is the quickest way to make any space feel personal and fill it with personality and character. You can print photos now on the high-street, in those little instant printing machines for super cheap – and picking up a handful of fun frames is affordable too. Remember – as this is a children’s room you don’t need the antique frames or the super expensive ones (let’s face it – they won’t be able to tell the difference) so just stick to a budget and opt for some simple but nice choices. If you don’t want to frame, another great option is printing off a canvas and hanging it on the wall. It looks more dramatic, and it’s a great alternative to hanging posters with blue tack!

2.      Colour

Sometimes a quick lick of paint can do wonders for a space, and making it feel new and exciting. For children’s room – especially those children who are always changing their minds , having just one feature wall is a smart choice. It means they get a colourful wall in their room – but it saves you the time of painting the whole thing every time they like a new colour. As it’s only one wall, it means you can buy the cheap little pots of paint too – instead of the big expensive ones.

3.      Bed Sheets and Duvets

When I was little I loved getting a new bedsheet and duvet cover with my favourite cartoon character or book character on it. So if your child is getting bored with their bedroom – this is a great way to make it look brand new to them again. A duvet cover barely costs anything compared to rehauling an entire room – so you’re definitely in luck here! You could even pick matching curtains, or cushions too.

4.      A rug

If your kids bedroom is looking a bit dated, or perhaps they’ve grown out of the pink carpet – then look into buying a nice rug rather than pulling up the entire flooring. A rug can cost anywhere from £10 – £100 depending on size – but trust me it’s a much cheaper alternative to replacing carpets. You could go for something bright and fun or you could go for something textured and comforting – like the sheepskin blankets you find in ski-lodges. It’s amazing how much a good rug can transform a room.