Looking for fresh ideas to update the look and feel of your living room? We’ve put together a couple of ways to get you started.


1.      Hand Up Large-Scale Art

Why not create an incredible focal point and give your living room a true wow factor by hanging up an oversized piece of art? You can hang the art up by itself on one of the living room walls to draw attention to it. This look gives a high-impact and ultra-chic effect to any lounge, with very little hassle. You don’t have to spend a fortune, either – scour the flea markets and thrift stores of large pieces and prices you are happy to pay. Or, if you are creative, you could always create your own work of art and stick to a tighter decorating budget.

2.      Downsize on the Clutter

An over-accessorised and cluttered living room can look disorganized, dishevelled, and downright messy. Instead, you can create a sophisticated and chic look by paring down your collection and retaining the pieces that have the greatest sentimental value or those that evoke strong emotions. A more simplified space will leave the remaining pieces to really shine, and it can help to keep you on budget. If you want to add a focal piece of furniture, you could purchase Moroccan furniture in Australia or in your local store to create a rustic, sophisticated, and highly-polished look and feel to your living room.

3.      Consider the Television

Nothing quiet brings down that feeling of chic sophistication and luxury in a space quite like a great big, black television placed right in the centre of a wall in your living room. If your budget can’t quiet stretch to elegant mirrors to conceal the television, you could try to visually minimalize the presence of the screen by creating a salon-style art arrangement or even a gallery wall around it. While it won’t make the screen completely disappear, the frame of your TV will better blend into the background with the artwork, therefore distracting the eye. This is a great idea that works well on a budget.

4.      Make Good Use of Textiles

To freshen up the look of your living room and create a custom look, consider using antique or vintage style textiles to make beautiful throw cushions or cover small pieces such as upholstered stools and seat cushions. You could also add an antique Turkish rug on your floor as a cost-effective and simple way to instantly create intrigue and interest. The unusual and vintage-type fabric will inject the room with a really unique look and feel, therefore personalising your space. Another idea is to add a textural throw to a piece of furniture, be it a char or sofa, to really ramp up the cosy factor in the living room.

Those are ways on how to update the look of your living room. Follow any of those steps and transform your living room from boring to stunning!