We live in challenging times. Our finances are under more stress than ever before, and energy costs have risen beyond all proportion. Our great leaders left the gates open so that the big corporations could raise their prices to an unreasonable level. Then they pretended to listen to the protests of the people. It was all part of their plan, and it is the poor who once again suffer from it. We must reduce our carbon footprint so the cost of heating our homes will come down, and we do our little bit to save the planet.

Here are four secrets you must know to reduce your carbon footprint at home.

Insulation should be a priority. It is essential that any heat you generate does not escape the building. Of course, no home can be one-hundred percent efficient, but there are steps you can take to improve yours.

  • Turn your attention towards the loft first. Check that there is a layer of insulation at least eight inches thick. You can buy more from your local DIY store. It comes on a roll and is easy to install. Most of the heat will escape through the roof of your house if you let it, so the more insulation you have up there, the better.
  • Fit double glazing if you haven’t already done so. If you can’t afford the new units, use secondary glazing window film and thick curtains to keep the heat in and the cold out.

  • Add insulation to the cavities in the exterior walls. It isn’t a DIY job, so call the professionals.

You can get help with the insulation costs in the UK by using a contractor that operates under The Green deal. It is a scheme that will pay for a percentage of the improvements you make to your home to improve its energy efficiency.

Are you aware that The Green Deal will also help you pay for a new gas or oil fired boiler? The old models use more fuel than modern alternatives. Think about changing old storage heaters for an oil fired system too. The staff at directoil think you can save a fortune by using central heating instead of a system that works on the Economy 7 tariff.

The scientists say that you can save about forty pounds a year on your heating bills if you reduce the setting of your thermostat by only one degree. That is a staggering figure; I’m sure you agree. How many times do you think you could get away with it before other members of the family notice? Maybe a couple of degrees will go unnoticed if you have improved the insulation properties of the building.

Don’t sit around in a T-shirt and complain that you are cold. If you want to keep warm in the winter, put on a couple of layers of clothing. If you find yourself reaching to turn the thermostat up, put a jumper on instead. It’s easy and could save you a fortune over a year.
There you go guys; is isn’t difficult to spot the areas where you can make savings. All you need is a small budget and the willpower to take on the projects. It is worth it in the end; trust me.