Get your spring preparations underway and really relish spending time in your home again. Check out these 4 top tips.

Start off by ridding your home of unnecessary clutter, debris, and unwanted or outdated items. Go through your home room by room and find out what you can recycle, repurpose, give away, sell or throw out. It really helps the spring cleaning process to do this first so that you have enough room to get cleaning and redecorating with the minimum of obstacles and debris in your way.

The parts of your home that fade into the background in everyday life are the ones that will need your attention more than ever. Settled dust and residue on your skirting boards, picture rails, doors and windows needs some time and attention. Clean these gently with paint-friendly surface cleaner before you get the brushes out. Adding a new coat of paint on joinery features will help your home look its best – it really is all in the detail. Try out light and bright colour palettes bringing in neutrals and accent colours. Check out the specialist range of paints available from Mighton for all these purposes.

  1. Get Creative with your Living Room Décor

Bring in fresh new styles with a new rug or coffee table, put away those winter comforts for now, and focus on getting the best out of your living space for the spring and summer. Whether you’re entertaining or relaxing alone, make your home fresh and cosy with interesting ornaments and statement lighting. Bring in accent colours with home accessories like candles, throws and picture frames. When you’re on a budget, even just rearranging your room can breathe a new lease of life into your home.

  1. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Bring in some fresh cut flowers or some potted houseplants for your living room, kitchen or bedroom, and the place will be lit up immediately, air quality will be slowly improved and so will your mood. It’s proven that keeping and tending to plants in our homes has a beneficial impact on our health, as well as looking really on trend. Houseplants like yucca plants, Swiss cheese plants, succulents and cacti are very trendy in interior design at the moment and are easy to look after.

With these tips, your home will look sparkling for spring. A good clear-out works wonders, and makes way for new little touches of décor that will help you love spending time in your home.