You’d definitely agree if we told you that transferring large furniture from your old apartment to your new house several blocks away is the hardest task you can encounter when moving. Even with the help of a moving company, it could still feel like battling the Nemean lion like Hercules did.

As with most, if not all, manual tasks that we do in this world, moving large furniture is an art and science in its own right. As you could certainly deduce on your own, “perfect preparation” is the key to be able to make the process of moving house in general a breeze.

So, it’s time for us to tackle the big question: “How do you make the process of moving large furniture a breeze?” Check out these 4 tips that we have prepared for you.

  • Sell the Furniture That Won’t Fit In Your New Home

It’s sad to let go of furniture that you’ve loved and sat on for a long time. However, there is the chance that, after measuring your new apartment’s space and your individual pieces of furniture, you’ll find that one or two won’t fit in the empty areas of your future home.

You could look at it from another perspective, however. Selling furniture you won’t end up using will reduce the number of large items you’ll have to transport. You’d also get some extra cash you can use to spice up your next home from the sale.

If you don’t want to sell your old furniture because of sentimental value, you can find a storage unit as suggested by

  • Push at Furniture to Move Them, But Protect the Floors

The physical aspect of moving large furniture is, without doubt, the most stressful part of moving house. However, you’d be surprised that reducing physical fatigue in this process is actually achieved by a simple change in forward motion.

Instead of lifting and pulling the furniture to transport it from one point of your old house to another, you might want to have someone else on the other end to push instead. Our bodies are more used to moving forward instead of backward, so it doesn’t strain the body that much as pulling does, Life Storage Blog says.

Make sure to protect the flooring, however. Damage can significantly lower the resale value of your old home.

Man is a social animal. This means that you can make the process of loading and moving large furniture a lot easier if you get a team of people helping you out. You don’t even have to hire professional help just yet – you can tap your closest friends and relatives to, at least, move the furniture from the house to the truck.

This is a very physical procedure, so, if you’re asking them to do it for you pro bono, you should at least give back by preparing lots of foods to snack on while working. It takes a lot of energy, and food replenishes those lost calories.

  • Make Use of Tools Whenever Possible

If you can find tools that can make transferring furniture from one place to another a lot easier, take advantage of those.

For instance, smaller furniture can be loaded into a dolly with wheels. All you have to do is simply push, and the amount of effort needed is significantly reduced because of the mobility of the wheels. You can rent moving dollies from self storage facilities, if there is one in your area.

Let us know in the comments below if we’ve missed something out in our four tips! People have different tactics for tackling a certain task, after all, and you might just have something to share.