The summers bring long, light evenings, but they also bring interrupted sleep due to the longer days. Blackout blinds, though, are a great solution as most light is blocked out, keeping your room darker and cooler. With blackout blinds, the blind fabric is applied to a lining, enabling the fabric to look good, hold its internal structure, and to keep out the light.

If you’re still wondering whether or not it’s worth getting blackout blinds, check out these benefits. Whether it’s sunny summer or gloomy winter, blackout blinds can help to dim out the light in the evening before you go to bed, preparing your bodies and brains for sleep. What’s more, research shows that cutting out all sources of light while you sleep can stop any interruptions to your body clock. In other words, learning to fall in love with the dark that these blinds provide can in turn prevent changes to your internal rhythm. In fact, we actually need to be exposed to good kinds of darkness at night if we want to enjoy quality sleep. We’d go so far as to say you may well be surprised at the different blackout blinds can make to your room. Also, placed in a child or baby’s room, these blinds can make a significant different to their quality of sleep, and help them to stop waking up with the sun, or get them to bed when it is still pretty light outside. Typically, blackout fabrics are made from thicker materials than other blinds or curtains, which means that besides blocking out light from your rooms, they also block out any light inside that a person on the outside might see. This makes them perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is most required. Reducing the cost of your energy bills is a big benefit of blackout blinds, and they have lower impact on the environment. The thickest material helps to greatly retain heat in a room during the winter and reflect the heat out of a room during summer, maintaining a comfortable temperature and creating a relaxing environment. In turn, you stop wasting money on cooling or heating your rooms and you get to be more environmentally friendly, too. Finally, blackout blinds can help to reduce the amount of noise entering a room. So, if your neighbours love nothing more to mow their law at the crack of dawn, or the boat that’s moored next door is hosting a noisy dinner party when you and your family are trying to get some shut eye, the noise can be blocked out to a degree, leaving you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. With the points we’ve discussed, it is safe to say that every homeowner should invest in blackout blinds.