Moving into a new house is just as exciting as it is chaotic. While you’re eager to start a new phase in your life, the early stages require lots of planning and preparation. In the madness of your moving day, it’s easy to forget about making your new property more secure. This can, unfortunately, put the property and your belongings at risk from theft. This is naturally the last thing you want to happen. To protect your new home from threats, both now and in the future, here are three methods you should consider.

Change the locks

If you are moving into a property that has had previous owners, changing the locks is highly recommended. You never know how many people might have a copy of your house keys. This could give them easy access to your new home and belongings. As soon as you arrive at your new home, changing the locks on all doors and windows should be a priority. You can use online search engines to find locksmiths in your local area. For instance, if you live in London, you can search for Locksmiths in Canary Wharf or Camden. They should be able to give you a quote and complete the work you require. This might seem like a big task on your moving day, but it will give you some much-needed extra security.

Install a security system

The best way to create a safer home is by installing a security alarm system as soon as possible. This should ideally be done before you spend your first night in your new home. Thieves will often target new homeowners and take advantage of their lack of security. If your new home hasn’t got a security system, start looking into the most up to date models. You might want a system that includes just an alarm. Or you might want to consider one that includes an alarm, CCTV capability, and light sensors. Have your new system installed by a professional such as Yale to ensure maximum protection.

List your belongings

This should be a relatively simple task that you can do as you pack or unpack your belongings. Choose which items you consider to be most valuable. It could be jewellery or electronics such as your tablet or TV. List the details of this items and take photographs. Create a folder and keep this information inside along with any receipts you may have. In addition to this, you may also want to write your name on these items. You can do this using UV pens or paint or using permanent markers to write your name or initials. You might also want to look into using SmartWater to protect your valuables too.

If your moving day is drawing nearer or if you’ve recently moved in, the methods in this guide can help. Not only will they add security and protect your home, but they will also give you further peace of mind. This is a fantastic new chapter in your life, so don’t put it at risk during the early stages of your move.