Dining rooms are becoming more integrated with other rooms nowadays. It’s not uncommon to see kitchen-dining rooms, living-dining rooms and other arrangements where dining is being held in other areas.

When thinking of a dining room, you need to get rid of the stereotypes that this area must look formal. Truth is you only need to bear in mind that you need to enjoy your food and have a relaxed environment as well. If you have a space dedicated to dining alone, then you need to carefully consider the following to enjoy it fully well:

dining-room-5841981 When it comes to choosing the color of your dining area, you must remember that it serves as the background of what you eat and drink on your table. Thus, the color must blend well with your food, glass and your favorite china pieces. More people prefer dark rich colors as background although it is not surprising to see some to opt for vivid colors to introduce more life into their dining spaces. Your table preferences are dependent on the shape of your dining area although round table tops the list. This is because a round table is more intimate and promotes conversation at the same time occupies less space compared to other shapes.  For narrow, dining areas, you can install a long table adjacent to a wall or window. Contrast an upholstered bench with several chairs on each side to create an illusion of more space. You can install a mirror on the wall in a small space as well.

Select wisely the surface material in your dining area. Shy away from using carpets because there is a possibility of liquids spilling or food getting dropped. Be practical and instead go for surfaces that are easier to clean such as cork tiles, polished and stripped boards, vinyl or ceramic.


Be subtle in your lighting choices. Dining rooms provide you the opportunity to showcase your romantic side. When placing candles, ensure they do not meet your eye level. They should either be below or above your eye level when you are seated.

In the serving table, make sure there is sufficient lighting accessible using a dimmer switch. Also place accent lighting near paintings and other equally fascinating objects in the dining area. To add a more dramatic effect, you can have your lighting focused alone on the table with the rest of your room in relative silhouette. You can achieve a mellow mood by using wood burning stoves or fires. Installing mirrors in the dining area will help refract the shimmering illumination coming from the firelight or candlelight.


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  1. Consider Window Treatments

Although fabric looks good in your dining area, you have to be reasonable in using it because food smells are likely to stick to it. This also applies to using velvet, which remains to be the most favorite dining room curtains.

Enjoyable eating is possible in a beautifully decorated dining room so long as you keep the above suggestions. Do not forget that a meal is not just a meal; it needs to be shared with people you love. It does not matter whether you eat on a small space. What is important is you are comfortable with the dining room you have.


Image courtesy: Vilseskogen