Your garden might be the most important but also undervalued part of your property. It can add considerable value to your home. A great garden can attract buyers, turn heads and makes your home more exciting and appealing. If you want to give your home a makeover then what better place to start than with the garden?

If you’re going to do work on your garden then you want to make it stand out. It’s not enough to just do something small and subtle. You don’t want your garden to look like all the other gardens in the neighbourhood. You are a unique and individual person. So it’s likely you’ll want to make your garden unique and individual too.

There are basic things you can do like building a shed. You could head down to your local hardware store to get some fencing. Or you might even check out Westminster Stone with a view to putting in a patio. But if you want to give your garden a special wow factor then you’ll have to go above and beyond.

Here are three things you could add to give your garden that special wow factor.

1. Pool

If you want to go all out with the wow factor then you should get a pool put in your garden. You will be able to enjoy hot summer days and warm nights relaxing in your very own pool. Allowing the cares and worries of everyday life to slip away and enjoy the pleasure of your company.

A pool is also a social addition to your property. You can have people round for pool parties. Your kids can play in the pool with their friends. Pools add so much choice and variety to your home. Not to mention the fact that having a pool will make you the envy of all your friends.

2. Decking

Another way to add the wow factor to your garden is to add decking. This gives a modern and trendy edge to the back yard. It is also efficient and versatile. There is so much you can do with decking, and there are so many uses you can find for it. It could be used as a dining or relaxation area.

It might be used for storage. Decking also looks fantastic. Whether it’s from a distance or up close decking looks great. It makes your garden look much smarter than it otherwise would. One of the best advantages of adding decking, aside from the wow factor, is that it adds value to your property.

3. Flower Garden

If you want to keep piling on the wow factor then you should think about adding a flower garden. Most people have flowerbeds in their garden where they grow flowers. You can be unique by adding a flower garden. This may not be possible if you have no grass. But if you’re a property owner and you have grass in your yard a flower garden is possible.

The great thing is it would probably work even if you have a small garden. You could almost corner one area off and keep it as your flower garden. The advantage of this is that you can have all the flowers in one place, so they’re easier to maintain. You’ll also get a huge contrast of vibrant colours that will look breathtaking when combined.