For the majority of people, their home is their haven. It provides them with sanctuary from all the challenges that life throws at them. A person’s home is a private retreat through which they can escape from the rest of the world. So, it can be of little surprise that the idea of letting their home out to strangers is an uncomfortable idea in the minds of many people.

However, if you spend extended periods away from home due to work commitments, the reality is that you may be missing a trick. The same is true for those who like to travel the globe, and perhaps only spend six months out of every year actually in their own home. A house laying empty when there’s a national housing crisis to contend with is a sad sight to see indeed. So, if you still need more convincing, that’s exactly what this article is designed to do. In fact, we’re confident that by the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll be straight on the phone to your local letting agent.

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1. You’re in Control

People are often reluctant to let their house out, for fear of renting it out to the wrong sort of people. Nobody wants unreliable tenants who are always late paying rent, and have no respect for other people’s property. But remember, that it’s you who gets to decide who stays in your home. So, if you have any doubts about a prospective tenant, no-one’s going to force you to proceed. If you choose to let your home with Abbotts, you can always approach them for advice and guidance. They will inform you of your responsibilities and obligations. You can also benefit further from their experience by asking if there are any warning signs to look out for when considering potential tenants.

2. A Second Income

In the current economic climate, I don’t think there are many people who wouldn’t benefit from a second income. If you like to travel to exotic locations and stay in expensive hotels, such holidays don’t come cheap. But if you were to let out your property when you’re off on jaunts across the globe, it could help to fund your trips. In fact, you may just find that due to having a little extra cash in your pocket, you’re able to travel and see even more of the world than before.  

3. Social Responsibility

Housing is a real issue in the UK and has been for quite some time. The government has recently introduced the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme, which helps first-time buyers to secure a property. However, there are still many people for whom buying a house simply isn’t an option. By choosing to let your home out when it would only be lying vacant otherwise, goes some way to help alleviate the problem.

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It’s worth remembering just how many people there are in this country who struggle to find affordable housing. So, if you could even help just one family by giving them a place to live, wouldn’t that be reward enough in itself?