The New Year has finally arrived and I’m sure you want every nook of your house to look new-like and fresh. And you also want to change the decor of your house according to the latest trends, right? So, what are you waiting for? Revamp your home and make it look absolutely gorgeous. Home renovation won’t just enhance the aesthetics, but will also increase its value. Therefore, go for a renovation and when renovating your home, don’t ignore the bathroom. You must be thinking, why I am saying this. Well, it’s because more than half of the homeowners ignore their bathroom when they are renovating the entire home and the reason is hilarious. What most of them claim is that “nobody is going to check the bathroom when they visit my home!” But what if the guests want to go to the loo and they find out that during renovation you have focused on living and bedroom and completely ignore the bathroom? That’s really embarrassing. So, do revamp your bathroom, as it is definitely one of the most important rooms of the house and the most used one too.

Now, if you are thinking that renovating a bathroom area will cost you way too much, then that’s your biggest misconception. To renovate your bathroom, you neither have to hire an interior designer nor buy expensive decorative items. And you don’t even have to change every single part of the bathroom. All you need to do is replace the sink area with a stylish bathroom vanity.

A bathroom vanity won’t just make the sink area look more royal, but will also help you keep the bathroom clutter free. Wondering, how is that possible? Well, these vanities come with cabinets where you can easily store your bathroom essentials. So, wait no more and visit a reputed store that is famous for selling attractive and affordable Wholesale Bathroom Vanities.

Thinking, which type of bathroom vanity to purchase? Well, there are varieties of bathroom vanities available in the market. But as an interior designer, I would suggest you purchase wooden vanities as they will make your bathroom look stunning. Here is the list of wooden vanities which are best for bathrooms and their characteristics.

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2 Best Hard Wood For Bathroom Vanities

This is one of those woods which are mostly used in making the bathroom as well as kitchen cabinets. I’m sure you must have come across people saying that maple kitchen cabinets are the best. But trust me; bathroom vanity cabinets made of this wood are good as well. So, you can opt for maple bathroom vanities. Some of the pros of this wood are:

  1. It has consistent and fine grain all over it that makes for a uniform, handsome appearance.

  2. This wood has warm consistent shading, which takes stains brilliantly.   

  3. It is absolutely durable. And in fact, it is said to be sturdier than any other wood.

After maple, if there is another wood that is loved by interior designers and furniture makers or carpenters then that is none other than walnut wood. And believe me, if you purchase walnut bathroom vanities, you won’t be disappointed. Here are some of its specialties:

  1. This is quite a strong wood. But still, try o prevent it from blows and bashes.

  2. Walnut wood has smooth, fine and general straight wood grain, which makes it look classy. In fact, it mellows with age. Trust me; you’ll love to see the color transformation from dark to light.

These were the two best kinds of wood that will make great bathroom vanities. So, wait no more, rush to a reputed store and purchase wholesale bathroom vanities.