If you’re looking for simple but effective ways to improve your home, you’re going to love these tips. They’ll help you to create the exact look you want and make your home look more appealing to guests at the same time. Enjoy!

Painting your home in neutral colours instantly makes it more appealing to potential buyers. Not only that, it’s so much easier to accessorize. You can swap the style and scheme whenever you like when you’re using neutral as your base! Wood flooring looks amazing with neutral walls and is so easy to build upon.

2. Include More Texture

Including texture in your home stops it from appearing dull or boring. Homes with the most texture always look more interesting. If you’re wondering how much texture is enough texture, try to make your guests want to touch things around your home as they view it!

3. Add Life With Flowers and Fruit

A house without flowers and fruit isn’t a home. You can add so much more life by including a colourful bunch of flowers and a basket of fruit. You can always go for fake if you don’t want to keep replacing them.

4. Focus on Your Curb Appeal

Focus on your curb appeal to make it look better from the outside in. You can do this so many different ways; you could do something simple, like weed the garden, or liven up your garage with one of these Lakes garage doors.

5. Make it Smell Nice

The smell makes your home more appealing too, so make it smell nice to make it even better. Use candles, incense, and bake nice things to add to the homely scent.

6. Display Art

Displaying art in your home is a great way to add more interest and culture. You don’t even need to spend much; you can simply make something yourself or pick a picture out of a book and frame it. If you have a little more budget to play with, you can commission a piece from an artist you like. You have lots of different options.

7. Make a Feature Wall

Feature walls add an element of fun to a room. You can make it as quirky as you like using different patterns, colours, and pictures to dress it up. Take a look at some tutorials online if you don’t know where to begin.

8. Make the Seating More Social

By simply rearranging the seating to make it more social, you instantly improve the vibe of your home. Having the seating all pointing at the TV might be practical, but there should be a way you can move it around to make it more social. TV is bad for you anyway!

9. Let in Natural Light

Natural light opens up a room and makes the inhabitants instantly feel more awake. Let in the light!

10. Change Your Fittings

Change your fittings and see if you can improve your home this way. Simply changing the door handles could be the key to making your home look better.

I hope you love these tips!