Upcycling has long been a popular, yet rustic way of decorating your home both inside and out.

Using wooden crates to create different features in your home is becoming more popular, but many people do not know where to start, or how to use them.

We have selected just ten of the easiest, and best ways to reuse wooden crates to really create statement pieces around your home.

DIY crate coffee table

This requires four medium sized crates, but is again, very easy to do. 

Lay the four crates on their side in a windmill like tile pattern and secure. This creates side storage, as well as a storage area in the middle.

Your unique coffee table can then be finished with paint, with a wood stain, or for a really rustic look, you can leave it unfinished.

Create storage space in your bathroom

This is so easy to do, and looks so effective. If you have access to three or four small crates, you can easily turn these into shelves, perfect for your bathroom.

Paint the crates in the desired colour, and then simply anchor them to the wall so they do not fall over. Simple, but very effective.

Create a unique centre piece

If you have access to smaller, arrow crates, create a really unique centrepiece for your dining table.

Fill mason jars with decorative items and place them in the crate, or use the crate as planter to create a green centre piece. The possibilities are endless, and the best thing about this, is that it is completely free if you just use items you have in your home!


Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mus%C3%A9e_Europ%C3%A9en_de_la_Bi%C3%A8re,_St_Nicolas_beer_crate.JPG

Vintage shelving in your kitchen

You do not need to have the same sized crates for this simple project, just any that will work on the wall of your kitchen.

Unlike the bathroom, you can use these separately and just scatter them both above and below your kitchen cupboards and secure to the wall.

Again, these can be painted, or left plain for a more rustic and vintage feel.

Storage footstall

This is ideal for those who want to create extra storage, whilst keeping it practical. It can work with any sized crate that you like that will fit nicely in your living room.

Paint the crate with whatever colour you want, and set about creating the top. Cut a piece of wood to the same size as the top of the crate, and cover it with foam, before covering it with your choice of fabric. Once this has completely dried, add hinges, so you easily lift the lid up to gain access to the storage space underneath.

Create children’s book storage

This is the perfect project for a child’s bedroom. Cut medium sized crates in half, so they do not stick out too much, paint the desired colour, and then securely attach these to the wall.

Hang them low down, so your child can reach them easily, and use them to store all of their books. They can be made to fit a specific space, and is more unique than a book shelf.

Pallet sofa

This project is not for the feint hearted; however, it can look really great once finished.

You will need several larger crates to act as the seat and the back of the sofa, along with some comfortable cushions.  By attaching these together, you can create a real one of a kind sofa that looks great in conservatories. Cover with large plush cushions for a comfortable finish.

DIY Wine Rack

Stuck for a place to keep your wine bottles? Well fear no longer, as all you need is just one wooden crate. The size in which you choose, is completely dependent on how much wine you have to store, just make sure they are deep enough to fit a wine bottle in.

Fix two pieces of wood in a criss cross position in the pallet, and fix on the wall. Then, get filling!

Built in wall unit

This is an excellent idea if you are looking to create a large amount of extra storage, and have a free wall.

Work to the same rules as the bathroom storage, but just go bigger, creating a unit that covers the entire wall. Ensure that these are fitted securely to both the wall and to each other.

Add staggers and variations to the design, but ultimately ensure all of the weight is evenly balanced.

Create a simple television stand

This design really could not be easier, but creates a handy bit of furniture that looks great. 

You will need four of the same sized crates, that will be large enough to safely house your television.

Turn these on their side, and pair them up before stacking them on top of each other. Simply attach them together, and secure. Use the inside of the crates as storage, and the top to display your television. 

Simple, cheap, and effective. Check out TilesPorcelain for some more amazing guides!

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