Starting a new family can be exciting, nerve-wracking and – at times – absolutely terrifying but it is a process that many young (and even old) couples will go through at some point in their lives. Whether you’ve been trying for a baby for a while now, or you were lucky enough to conceive on the first go, a little bundle is on the way in some form or another, so you need to be prepared for when he or she finally arrives. 

Taking baby clothes aside for one moment, you will need to set up an established space in which your new baby will live and grow. A dedicated baby room or nursery is ideal to help your baby grow and develop, and will ensure that you won’t have to sacrifice any of your own bedroom space for a crib or other supplies. Getting a decent nursery together takes time and a little know-how. Read on for our top ten furnishings every nursery should have. 

1.       Baby Monitor

It is important that you have some form of communication between your baby and you when you are not in the room. Regular and irregular sounds heard on the baby monitor will help you to gauge the safety and condition of your baby, so that you can take action accordingly. While baby monitors do not always prevent accidents, this is a staple in any nursery as they drastically reduce your chances of walking in and finding a very ill baby simply because you haven’t checked on them in the night. 

2.       Night Light

Soft light is comforting to babies and young children and when we are at an age where everything is new and sometimes frightening, having a soft, warm light there to ward the nasties away can really help a young child get to sleep. You can buy night lights in a wide range of colours and shapes, so get one that engages and excites your baby.

3.       Mobile

Placing a mobile above your baby’s head will help to soothe him or her to sleep and helps to improve their focus and concentration when they are awake. Having mobiles that contain sparkly or shiny objects and objects that squeak and rattle will also help to develop the baby’s senses. Remember that everything is a learning curve when you have only just been born!

4.       Window Shutters

Window shutters are far preferable to curtains or blinds as they are made to be ‘baby-proof’ with no dangling cords or spare bits that a baby could grab hold of or place in their mouth. It might seem like a bit of a non-issue, but it is important that you are vigilant when making sure that every single thing in your baby’s nursery is safe and does not present a hazard to them. Babies explore many new objects by putting them in their mouths, so making sure that nothing is ‘ingestible’ is essential. 

5.       Blackout Curtains

It is likely that your baby will be taking naps at odd times throughout the day, so blackout curtains are essential if you want them to get a bit of good, undisturbed rest. Blackout curtains simulate the night time, creating a calming and soothing atmosphere where babies and young children can sleep easy, so this is often a good investment for new parents. 

6.       Colourful Pictures and Drawings

Babies are sensory creatures. As they are constantly learning about the world around them, they are taking in everything they can see, hear, touch, smell and taste. So it would make sense that you provide your new baby with plenty of stimulus in their room, no? By adding pictures and drawings into your nursery, you can start to help develop your babies mind and imagination, giving them a good head start when they eventually start reading and writing and processing what they can see properly.

7.       Nappy Disposal System

You might be thinking, won’t a bin be enough? If you are thinking this, chances are you may have never smelt a full nappy before. A specially designed nappy disposal system will keep those dirty nappies out of sight and mind until you are able to properly dispose of them in the rubbish outside. It is important that you buy a system that eliminates any odours as these can quickly accumulate and draw unwanted attention from flies and other creatures. You want to make sure that your nursery smells as fresh as your baby, so make sure to get a proper disposal system!

8.       Bookshelf and Books

While these things may not seem so essential right at the very early stages of your baby’s development, there is no such thing as being too prepared when thinking about a new child. Having a bookshelf and books ready for the development of your child already in the nursery will help to get you in the habit of reading to your child when they go to bed. They might not understand all the words, but at first, they can listen to the sound of your voice, and it starts a regular routine for you as well. 

9.       Portable Music Player

Music is soothing. If your baby is having trouble sleeping, playing a little bit of music may help lull them to sleep. Music is also sensory so your baby will still be learning and absorbing information, even when asleep. This will also be a good idea to calm you down when the baby has perhaps had a rough night and you have to stay by his or her side until they fall asleep. Just make sure that you either turn it off or turn it right down before you leave the room so that you can hear things over the baby monitor without the music getting in the way. 

10.   Baby Swing or Bouncy Seat

When the baby gets a little older and a little bigger, they will need a few more things to keep themselves occupied. A baby swing and baby bouncer will help your baby to build their muscles up and will keep them safe and secure while you clean up or do other small jobs. Remember that a bouncer is not a substitute for a responsible adult, so make sure to stay in the same room as your baby!

Hopefully this article will have given you a good shopping list to make room for your new baby. Having a new baby can be a challenging part of starting a family, but they do bring a whole lot of joy and happiness to many families. Just take it one step at a time and don’t be frightened to ask for help if you need it. Everybody starts off at the same point as you, so accept help offered where needed and you should be just fine.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with Sussex based company, The Window Shutter Company who were consulted over the information in this post.