While you may be aware of underfloor heating, you may not know just what it’s all about.  Why are so many people taking it upon themselves to switch from a standard radiator system to underfloor warmth?  Here are just a few benefits that new underfloor heating users experience regularly.

Direct, instant heat

While traditional radiators connected to a boiler may take considerable time to heat up and even longer to fill a room with warmth, underfloor heating is instantaneous and direct, meaning you’ll get warmer, quicker.

Easy to set up and install

While many plumbing and heating systems of old were considerably difficult to master in terms of maintenance and installation, underfloor heating’s pipework is relatively simple to handle – while it’s recommended that you arrange for an electrician or plumber to connect you before switching on, the pipework can be handled with relative ease.

Versatile options for installation

You can choose to have your underfloor heating supplied via your electricity supply for electric underfloor heating, or via a manifold and a water heater or boiler in your home.  This means that you can be assured of a working system based upon facilities you already have in place.

You can control heat remotely

With certain systems, you can decide how hot your room gets with either a thermostat or a remote panel, meaning that you can have simple, user-friendly control over your heat resources at all times.

You can install underfloor heating in a single zone…

If you only need the one room or facility heating on a timer basis, you can do so by installing a ‘single zone’ system.  This means that you’ll only ever be putting energy and cost into warming one room in your home for a certain amount of time.

…or you can install it in many zones

Alternatively, if you’d like several rooms in your home to benefit from underfloor heating, you can opt for a multi-zone system – meaning that each and every part of your house can benefit from direct, radiant heat.

You can choose which rooms heat up, and when

The beauty of using a smart thermostat or remote control for underfloor heating is in its ability to give you complete access to your entire heating network.  If your kitchen needs to be heated early on a morning, this can be programmed easily – while you can choose to keep the rest of your home cool when none of the rooms are in use.

It’s cost-effective long term

The long-term savings experienced by underfloor heating users are considerable – as you only ever need to heat the rooms that are in use, and as it takes less time for a room to warm up, you’ll spend less time and money on deploying such heat – therefore, your bills will be considerably cheaper than if you are running a more basic system!

It’s ideal for conservatories and garages

There may be rooms in your home or extensions where standard radiators may not be able to reach – meaning that an underfloor heating system can be very helpful in ensuring that even your most remote rooms can benefit from warmth.

There’s always someone on hand

While underfloor heating may be getting more popular, and while the process of setting up and laying down pipework may generally be considered fairly simple, the age of the internet has allowed for numerous video guides and walkthroughs to be set up to ensure that you will always know where you are when installing for the first time.  In addition to this, any good and reputable underfloor heating supplier, such as UK Underfloor Heating, will be able to give you all the assistance and knowledge you need remotely, making for a far less stressful set-up and maintenance procedure than with a standard heating system. If you are looking for more information on underfloor heating types and if you will be able to get it, please call UK Underfloor Heating on 0800 232 1501.