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Basic or integral parts of a Home’s infrastructure are wiring, home security, flooring etc. After completing all these basic parts, think about some cool and useful features that you can include in your home, which will glamorize the whole look of the house.  A creative and useful feature can be Atrium. 

Atrium is actually a large open place(Air or Skylight covered) surrounded by a building. It was a very common feature in ancient roman houses, though modern atria is a product of 19th-20th century’s architectural development. 

Orange County Atrium
Mid Century Modern - Eichler Renovation

Many homes in South America and Europe design around a central courtyard. This is a wonderful open plan, brings a garden-like environment inside, and creates a huge amount of privacy in the separate “wings” of the surrounding square.

One of my favorite design concepts is, A skylight roof, or, with enough cash, a retractable sun roof, makes this a perfect foundation for a happy home.

You can keep,

A commercial air curtain above all entrances and windows, appropriately decorated to blend in.  These preserve temperature differences, so are energy savers – but, most importantly, keep bugs out when you have doors and windows open.

A washable mat spring floor for the kitchen can be useful.  If you’re going all out on this, you’re going to want to entertain in this house – that means kitchen staff (or lots of time in the kitchen for the owner).  Save backs and knees with flooring that is shock absorbing and eases tension, so the 12 course meal doesn’t feel like it took the 15 hours it did.  In all honesty, all professions that require excessive standing should have this.  This includes hair stylists, surgeons, cashiers, loading docks, etc.  Huge, huge benefit.

“Farmers sinks” in the kitchen – giant one basin (not split basin) sinks, with faucets that are high and can be removed.  Once you use one, you’ll know why these are mandatory in life.

3rd Street Bungalow

Vacuum ports and central vacuum are nice. It makes cleanup much better without a dustpan – even when you’re vacuuming.


A brick oven, especially as an outdoor grill. You will never eat inside again.

The Louis Family DIY Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven in CA by BrickWood Ovens
Outdoor brick  fireplace

There must be a very large closet for clothing, consider rotating racks or revolving racks instead of adding floors. The novelty of a multi-floor closet is nice, but no one really wants to climb stairs to get their clothes. Especially over age 50.

 A secret entrance/ exit 

Window seats that are actually comfortable. People love being next to the light of windows, but the cushion on a box concept and its many variations generally suck. Build something with actual support as if it were furniture that happened to be a fixture, not a fixture that happened to be furniture. You can keep a wildflower garden. Not the horticultural beauties everyone usually raves about, but the open prairie flowers that you only notice when you’re driving by and happen to glance over at the right time. No one thinks about these, but they never fail to impress.

Jones Road
kent, ct wildflower meadow

An indoor/ outdoor “fairy garden”

 A small space, a balcony or patio, that is mostly enclosed by plants, fruit trees, and contains a water feature, like a small fountain. Sometimes people put those zen sand boxes in there, too. A small, very private, very quiet little place.

Gentlemen’s Country Estate

If the garage is below the house, or kitchen is not at entry level, a dumbwaiter. I can’t seem to get all of the photos to attach here in the app. Really love the ideas and gorgeous photos from others – this is a wonderful question and commentary line!

All these suggestions are from Alexandra.

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