A Mom’s Review of Prolectrix Soup Maker

For a busy mom, you’ll need every bit of help you can get to make your tasks a lot easier. This is exactly where soup makers come into play. They are a great help in cutting down preparation and cooking time in case the family requests for a hearty soup for dinner.
Unfortunately, not all soup makers are created equal. While some of them can hasten cooking time, there are others that will just throw your money into waste.
Prolectrix Soup Maker is one of the best soup makers you can get your hands on. Here’s a list of pros and cons, based on firsthand experience, to tell you why.



The soup maker is great for big families, like mine. It’s able to hold 1.3L t0 1.6L which can be enough to feed at least four grownups in a single meal. You can even have some leftover for tomorrow.
Prolectrix Soup Maker is also easy to clean. It’s made from stainless steel and comes with a specialized cleaning brush to make sure I’m able to remove all food debris from it. Since it’s made from steel, it’s quite sturdy and durable, too.
The heating element sits right under the stainless bucket. I find this design very convenient since it gives me enough space to clean the area as well.
Prolectrix Soup Maker doesn’t take a lot of space and effort to move around. It’s just around the size of a kettle and comes with the functions of both a blender and soup maker. It’s made of 1000w of power: 800w for heating and 200w for the blender.
The three buttons for its soup making functions is a plus factor for me, too. Having a kid around, I really enjoyed using its puree function for making delicious and healthy baby food. The chunky option, on the other hand, is handy whenever I need to whip something up for my growing kids. It’s a time-saver since you only need to toss chunks of vegetables in it.
The safety control feature of Prolectrix Soup Maker is something you won’t normally find in other similar products. It’s intelligent enough in that it doesn’t activate until you get its lid completely locked. It also has added features that help prevent your soup from dry burning or over-spilling.
Aside from soups, this soup maker also works well when it comes to creating dips and smoothies.


Despite having the ability to crush chunky vegetables, you still need to make sure they’re at the right size. I had problems with this soup maker, particularly during the first few uses. Every time I need to  boil potatoes, they always got burnt at the bottom.
For optimum cooking and for you to avoid having charred vegetables, you need to cut them down into quarter inch pieces. It’s also recommended that you put in water before the ingredients to make sure you don’t burn them.


Prolectrix Soup Maker is a good choice for busy moms. It can cook soups in as fast as 30 minutes. It offers blending and heating power to ensure that your soup cooks well.
If you can get past the inconvenience of having to chop your vegetables to the recommended size, this is actually a great product to have in your kitchen. It’s small and sturdy. It can fit on your counter quite easily. Plus, you also get a recipe book when you go buy the product. You will no longer have to worry about how you’ll prepare your dinner since you’ll have a wide range of recipes to choose from.
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Freya is a mom to three kids. When not cleaning after her children’s mess, she’s spending her extra time writing and researching about products that can make motherhood a lot easier. Her latest work deals with soup maker reviews.

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