What to Look For When Buying an Anti-Ligature Handle

If you’re considering a purchase, you are most likely active in an environment where one or more people run the risk of harming themselves, accidentally or not, and you are thinking about how to reduce that risk. Personally, I have found that Stronghold Direct is a good solution, as it carries a large selection of anti-ligature handles from the world’s leading manufacturers. 

Anti-Ligature Handle
Anti-Ligature Handle

Considering the purchase of a this sort of  specialty handle usually means that you work with, or somehow are in touch with environments in which the risk of people harming themselves, either on purpose or by accident, exists. This means that making this type of purchase is very serious and important requiring careful thought and the right advice. Creating a safe environment for more vulnerable people, like children for example is not a task that should be taken lightly.
There are reliable manufacturers in UK like Stronghold Directthat specialise in security hardware, and have a large range of high-quality security products, including anti-ligature handles of many types. With an accumulated experience of over 80 years in the business, it is one of the frontrunners in the South and in the Midlands when it comes to high security hardware.
First of all, it’s important to identify the environment in which the anti-ligature handles will be placed, or under what circumstances they will be used.
·         What are the handles for?
·         How will they be used?
·         Who interacts with the environment?
·         What risks exist at the moment?
These are all valid questions when looking to buy high-quality anti-ligature handles, and they will all influence your choice of handle.
Second of all and something that already briefly came up in the previous paragraph, is to identify who will be the main interactors with the handles you are planning to purchase and install. There exist countless types of handles and deciding on your choice will be largely influenced by who the principal user will be.
In elderly homes, for example, the handles are often aimed at reducing the pain felt by arthritis patients when operating certain handles. In the children’s departments of hospitals, for example, the type of handle you choose will largely be based on how to reduce the risk of children getting harmed by interacting with, or being in proximity to, the handles and other devices.
Finally, what you also want to look out for is the reputation of the manufacturer of the handle, and the certifications of the handle itself. You don’t want to take any chances with safety, especially not when more vulnerable segments of the population are part of the equation.
Good security itself can prevent crimes, as it is a visible deterrent that there are no easy pickings available. So stop the problems before they start. Insurance is a necessity but it is always best to have a robust and visible system in place that is not compromised by also having anti-ligature functionality.
You know that a company is easy to trust when they only carry high quality, high security handles that will also meet your safety requirements. While each type and style has a selection from the world’s leading manufacturers. 

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