Maximizing the Space in Your Small Bedrooms

Having a small room in your house doesn’t mean that you can’t max out its usability, whilst still keeping it comfortable and cozy. There are plenty of small hacks and decorating tips that can fool you and your guests into thinking that you have much more space than you actually do have. If you are trying to think of new ways to make the most of your small space, these tried and methods will give you a good place to start.
Choose floating or hanging lights over lamps
If size isn’t on your side, don’t give up that much needed floor space, or bedside table space with lamps and giant shades. A better solution will be to install floating wall lamps, or free hanging pendant lighting. Pendant lighting has become more popular this year, as it creates a stunning focal point for a room, whilst still being functional – not to mention frees up space for other furniture of storage.
Add built in, overhead storage
If you are trying to maximize the functionality of a small bedroom, built in shelving can be an excellent addition. Providing that it remains shallow enough to avoid eating up the floor space. Not only does it give you extra storage options, but shelving that goes up to the ceiling can make the ceiling appear to be much higher, therefore making the room look more spacious.
Stick to neutral colours
Dark colours should only ever be used in larger rooms as they have the effect of making a room look much smaller than it actually is, which can be disastrous for a box room. Stick to light, neutral coloursas they will make the space seem more open, thus giving the illusion of space. The best colours to use are ivory, taupe, grey, white or beige, although you can experiment with light colours of any kind.
Create a feature wall
Creating a feature wall is both an easy and low-cost way to create a focal point within a room, or to be used as a way to break up too much of the same colour. The rules mentioned above still apply though, try not to use any colours that are too dark. If you live in rented accommodation and are restricted on what you can do to your walls, removable wallpaper offers you a very practical, not to mention stylish solution. Once they have been applied they can be easily removed without leaving any residue behind, or damaging the walls. If you don’t like the idea of having a completely different wall, take advantage of wall stickers and add a quote, unique design, sleek silhouette or your favourite image. The beautiful thing about these wall decals if they are removable so you can easily change things up whenever you want to develop your décor further.
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Mirrors have always been well utilized accessory when it comes to creating the illusion of space. If you want to visually double the size of your room, opt for mirrors spanning from wall to wall and ceiling to floor.

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