Low-Cost Ways To Make Your Home Look Like A Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels are the cutting edge in travel accommodation. They provide guests with a one-of-a-kind luxury experience. Usually smaller in scale than large hotel chains and located in older, unique buildings, staying in a boutique hotel can often feel like you are in a very trendy person’s home.

If you have recently stayed in a boutique hotel, the luxurious decor and warm atmosphere may have made you reluctant to leave. But it is possible to echo some of the best bits of boutique accommodation in your very own home, without breaking the bank. Let’s take a look at some of the low-cost ways that this can be achieved.


Update your linen and towels – A luxury boutique hotel will always have top-notch bed linen and bathroom towels. If your linen and towels are past their best, consider updating them to the quality you’d expect to see in hotels. This small change can make a big difference in your bedroom and bathroom. This doesn’t have to cost you the world. Linen and towels with designer labels on them will cost more. You’ll find just as good quality products in reputable department stores. Establish how much your are willing to spend on these items and research the best you can get for your money.

Statement vases – Statement vases full of exquisite flowers are another staple of a boutique hotel. These look perfect on mantelpieces, in the centre of dining tables and on top of side boards. Again you don’t have to pay for designer items to get the desired effect. You can find vases that catch the eye in online, in homeware shops and even in charity shops. If you are not good at replacing fresh flowers, use artificial ones instead.

A luxury bar – Common-place in boutique hotels is small but perfectly formed bar. You can replicate this in an affordable way by arranging some glass spirit decanters on top of a beautiful table or within a cupboard. A cabinet with an assortment of glasses would also be handy for your boutique bar.


Wall decor – Boutique hotels will always have interesting and elegant artwork on the walls. You can find affordable framed prints on online stores like eBay and Amazon. But if you have plenty of artwork already, you might want to enhance the appearance of your paintings and pictures with some clever lighting. GU10 LED spotlight bulbs positioned above or below a painting or picture produces a very elegant, art gallery-style effect.

Finishing touches – Finally all that is needed are a few finishing touches to bring your home together and to make it even more luxurious looking. Light some scented candles to fill your rooms with beautiful smells, keep your interiors very clean and tidy and make sure the temperature is comfortable. All these little things will help to elevate the luxurious element of your home.

Creating the look of a boutique hotel at home doesn’t have to involve a complete refit or a huge expense. With a few affordable updates and some clever finishing touches, you can get that luxurious look for less.

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