How to Bring Colour into the Home

Whether you’re looking to celebrate summer by bringing the outside in, or just feel like your home needs a new lease of life. Adding a touch of colour can make all the difference, and provide you with an opportunity to update your home on a budget.
Painting up an entire room in a vibrant colour can be a big step, and sometimes quite costly, so before you go through all the hard work of doing DIY and purchasing paint, find out whether you can live with such a bright colour in the first place.
Many colours can actually bring about imbalances in the home, causing tension and unnecessary stress, so do your research into the colours that can bring about an atmosphere you desire.
Whether you want to relax in your home or feel uplifted, each colour has its own meaning and representation.
If you’re simply dipping your toe into the spectrum that’s at your disposal, these hints and tips will help you to bring some colour into your life without being overwhelmed.


Inserting smaller elements into a room can bring in colour without any strain on your bank balance or your lifestyle.
Bold, patterned cushions can help to mix things up a little on your soft furnishings, and if you want to add a personal touch you could make them yourself for a fraction of the price with the help of fabric dyes and some charity shop cut offs.
If you want to add more colour to your walls without playing with paint, framing colourful wallpaper or even wrapping paper can help to add a new dimension to a room. This can be a great way of starting to incorporate a theme into your living space without having to pay for costly decorators or interior designers.
Tropical plants and flowers are increasing in popularity thanks to their unique colours and the diverse range that is now available. If you’re looking to spruce up your side boards or add colour to a fireplace, these can make a fun option that will also help to stimulate a better home environment.
Make a Statement Piece
If you’ve got a room that just feels as though it’s missing something colourful, paint a piece of furniture to make a bold statement of colour. Popular tones that are trending in furniture include vibrant Fuchsia pink or a cool teal.
Creating a colourful piece of furniture will enhance a room instantly, and be a great talking point with guests. There are now a number of Furniture tutorials available online that can help you to do it yourself without the help of any experts.

Enhance the Light

Depending the size and scale of your room, inserting colour could possibly make the space feel smaller, so to balance out the bold pieces it’s ideal to add more light to the room.
This could be done in simpler ways with more artificial light such as lamps and fairy lights, or with candles for an ambient evening glow.
But if you’re considering making more permanent changes to benefit your home, it may be worthwhile to add a conservatory. Adding natural light through an orangery or a conservatory can bring warmth and the feeling of space to any heavily pigmented colours that are dominating a room. 

Think outside the Box

Of course if you’re looking to be different and fancy creating something striking in your home, think outside the box with colour.
Paint your front door in a statement colour will be sure to make you stand out from your neighbours. This could be a great way of selling your home, as choosing the right colour will enhance potential buyer’s feelings towards the house.
Alternatively if you want to be unique and show your quirky side, painting a ceiling can be a fun way to add colour to a room, and help you to avoid it being in your face. 
We live in a world where many people feel that they need to live in a magnolia bubble, but adding colour to your home can improve your own mood, and make it an eye catching property to potential buyers.

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