How To Prepare Your Property For The Rental Market

When considering letting out your property, it is important to be aware that there may be a number of changes you need to make to it before it is suitable to be lived in by tenants. These can be legal requirements or just aesthetic alterations that will make the property more appealing to prospective tenants. It can be difficult to know where to start and if you are moving into another property you’ll have a lot of other things to think about too. So, to make your life easier, here is some helpful information on how to prepare your property for the rental market. 

Assuming you are new to the letting business, a good first step in preparing your property for tenants is to get an expert opinion. If you are letting your property with the help of an estate agent like Redmove, an employee will usually come to your property to get a better feel of the size, condition and value. At this meeting, they will tell you about any changes, specific to your property, that you will need to be made before they begin to advertise it. If you are planning to become a private landlord, you could ask someone you know who rents out property if they would come and view your property and to recommend changes.

Keep in mind that it will be much easier to repair elements of your property before tenants are living in it. So inspect your home for repairs now. This includes structural fixes like broken doors and damp areas to plumbing problems to minor repairs like loose chair legs. Make a list of what needs to be fixed and start working your way through it.

Attempt to neutralise your decor. If your interiors are very particular in style, this may put off a number of potential tenants. With neutral decor, your property will appeal to a larger group of people, meaning you will probably find a tenant much more quickly.

Deep clean your property. A surface clean is not enough when letting out your property. A deep clean means cleaning behind and under furniture, cleaning carpets, dusting high areas, etc. This is usually a big job but luckily there are professional services you can hire that have all the tools and experience to do this for you.

If your property has an outdoor area, it is a very good idea to give the garden a bit of attention too. Mow the lawn and cut back shrubs to leave things looking neat and tidy.

You must ensure your property complies with the legal requirements before letting. This means paying for an energy performance certificate (which lasts for 10 years) and a gas safety certificate (which lasts for a year). If your property is furnished, the soft furnishings must be fire safety compliant. And all electrical equipment must be safe with operating instructions and safety notices provided.

As you can see, there are many things that need to be sorted before your property can be advertised and viewed by potential tenants. Start early and work through the list and your property will be in perfect condition by the time it’s ready to be put it on the market.

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