The Affordable Secrets To A Luxury Bathroom

Your bathroom is your own little hideaway. It’s not often the first place we think of when we imagine a luxury home. However, a beautiful bathroom can make all the difference. Think about it, it’s the first place you go in the morning. On those cold, bleary eyed mornings, you need a little comfort and luxury. After a long day at work, you might want to relax in the bath and drift off. The perfect bathroom can help you forget your troubles and recharge your batteries.

The great thing about upgrading the bathroom is that you can do it on the cheap. Of course, an entire new bathroom suite will come with a heavy price tag. But, the upgrades we’re looking at today are simple and affordable. With just a few changes, you can make a huge difference. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Upgrade the taps

Although a complete bathroom suite will cost a fortune, the taps themselves are affordable. The simple tap itself will often make a huge difference. You can opt for a luxury model or just a shinier upgrade! You can browse hundreds of bathroom taps from a UK company with the click of a mouse. Find your favourite and match it to your bathroom.

Floor to ceiling tiles

This is a trick we learned from expert interior designers. Tiles are super cheap and you can put them up yourself, if you have a weekend free. However, don’t stop half way, as so many bathrooms do. Instead, tile the bathroom with clean, simple tiles from floor to ceiling. That full tile look is synonymous with luxury and elegance.

Heat pads

Imagine how luxurious it would feel to walk onto warm tiles in the cold mornings. Entire underfloor heating may be out of your price range, but a heat pad is certainly affordable. You can install one under a chosen area of the floor, or hide it under a rug. We like to put ours in front of the sink and mirror. It will keep your toes nice and warm while you’re brushing your teeth!

Big, fluffy soft furnishings

Bathrooms are usually cold, hard places. The sharp edges and the abundance of white can give it almost a hostile feel. Use soft furnishings to soften this up and give it an element of luxury. Spend a little extra on the thick, chunky towels. They look fantastic and it’s a little extra luxury for you when you get out of the shower.


The lights you choose are essential for a luxury feel in the bathroom. Too often, the bathroom light is harsh and bright. It reflects off the white surfaces and highlights the dirt! Instead, install a dimmer switch or use low, layered lighting to provide a soft, warm glow. Perfect for those indulgent baths.


Finally, decorate the room with flowers to bring a natural, luxury element back to the room. The natural greens add a touch of colour to an empty room too.

As you can see, a luxury bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are plenty of little tricks here to add some indulgence. Which one is your favourite?

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