How To Prepare Your Home For Summer


Although you might not be able to notice it quite yet, the weather is beginning to warm up. In preparation for the brighter seasons, you may have started to think about how you can help release your house from its winter funk. Well, to help you get started here is a how to guide on preparing your home for the summer.

Lighten and brighten

As soon as spring and summer hits, everything in nature wakes up and looks bright and beautiful. So, it makes sense to reflect these vibrant and happy colours throughout your home. You can make small changes, like filling your vases with daffodils, tulips and other spring flowers. Or, you may wish to make a bigger alteration. Repaint your walls in a brighter, lighter shade or swap your warm toned throws, rugs and pillows for more colourful accessories to hit the summer spot.

Your windows also play a significant role in lightening and brightening your home for the summer. If you have thick curtains to keep in the warmth during the winter, these can be permanently drawn back or even taken down to allow the sunlight to naturally enliven your rooms. You may wish to install summer appropriate window treatments like muslin curtains and light blinds.


Spring clean

With longer days and brighter, stronger sunlight, the dust and dirt that you may not have noticed in the darker months of winter, will become more noticeable. It’s spring after all, so it’s time to clean up your interiors so that they look sparkling for summer. Don’t forget about your windows as they probably have become very dirty from all the rain, sleet and snow during winter.

Cool things down

As it’s set to be a hot summer this year, you may wish to consider how you will keep your home fresh and cool as the temperature increases. You may want to consider installing an air condition system at home. You can find out more about these systems by visiting websites such as Although this may seem expensive at first, it is a good investment as it is a very effective way to keep your home cool in summer, and warm in winter. Windows that have been shut for the duration of winter may become sticky and difficult to open. You may need some tools and assistance to get them open.

Update your outdoors

As the weather warms up, no doubt you will be desperate to spend time outdoors relaxing and entertaining your family and friends. Over the winter, your garden has probably become a bit disheveled. Spend some time clearing debris, trimming plants and bushes back and generally tidying your outdoor space up. It’s now time to bring your garden furniture out of hibernation. Spruce it up with a little brush and hose down and let it dry in the sun.


Your home is officially on its way to being ready for summer. For all you interior enthusiasts out there, have a look at some of these amazing trends for summer 2015 that you start to incorporate at home.

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